BBL compression garments guidelines

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Most plastic surgeons recommend BBL compression garments to control swelling of the liposuction or donor sites and to help remodel the tissue of the buttocks and hips.


Leading Orange County plastic surgery expert Dr. Tarick Smiley often recommends his patients to wear a one-piece compression garment that covers the upper back to the knee level.


bbl compression garments

The vast majority of Dr. Smiley’s patients require liposuction of the bra rolls, lower back, flanks, and anterior abdomen to collect large volume of fat, which is immediately purified and injected into the buttocks and hips.


Swelling due to edema is not uncommon after liposuction because once the “compartments” are depleted with fat, bodily fluids have the tendency to take over. Hence, effective compression garments should fit snug but not too tight as to cause pressure problems.


Symptoms of pressure problems include skin discomfort, difficulty of moving around, and inability to sleep due to excessive tightness.


Excessive pressure (more than 10 lbs. of force) is particularly detrimental to the buttocks and hips or any recipient site. It takes about three weeks for the fat grafts to form their new blood supply needed for their long-term survival, and another month or two before they fully stabilized and become well integrated with the surrounding tissue.


While many BBL compression garments cover the buttocks, there is no or very little pressure around them. Also, they often come with a “crotchless” design so the patients can use the toilet without having to remove or pull down their garments.


In general, compression garments are worn the entire time (unless when bathing) for three weeks, which are the most critical period. Afterwards, patients may use the second-stage compression, which has less pressure since at this time swelling has subsided to a significant degree.


Nonetheless, each surgeon has his own instructions that they deem fit.

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