Tips for a Convenient Recovery After Brazilian Buttock Lift

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The patient’s commitment to recovery after Brazilian buttock lift will have a large impact on the long-term success of the surgery. It is important to note that [prolonged] sitting must be avoided for a minimum of three weeks although it remains ideal to minimize “pressure” on the buttocks for a few more weeks to further reduce risk of asymmetry and low survival rate of grafts.


In general, the volume of fat that survives two months after surgery is expected to last a lifetime, as suggested by leading Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley.


recovery after Brazilian buttock lift

donut-shaped inflatable pillow

The first 10 days of recovery is the most critical period and so any pressure that may kill the fat grafts or cause them to inadvertently shift (causing contour irregularities) must be avoided; this includes sitting, squatting, and stretching.


After 10-14 days, Dr. Smiley says that most patients can return to work and social activities without any problem, although the use of “off-loading” pillows remains important when sitting.


The celebrity plastic surgeon shares his tips on how to enjoy a more convenient recovery after Brazilian buttock lift, which is basically buttock augmentation with the use of the patient’s own fat (harvested through liposuction surgery).


  • Ask for help (for house chores and childcare) for at least two weeks.


Brazilian buttock lift is a major surgery as it typically combines large volume liposuction to collect unwanted fats from two or more body areas; followed by fat injection into the butt area (and hips). Hence, the patient will need help for at least two weeks so she can focus more on her recovery.


It is important to avoid rigorous activities, heavy lifting, and squatting for at least 3-4 weeks to allow the body to heal properly.


  • Use off-loading pillow.


In the first few weeks, it is highly ideal to sit in a way that the butt hangs freely to prevent inadvertent shifting of fat (which of course can lead to contour irregularities) and low survival rate. Hence, post-Brazilian buttock lift cushions are all designed to let the patient sit on the back of their thigh area.


Nonetheless, despite the use of off-loading pillows it remains ideal to stand up and walk around after 10-15 minutes of sitting.


  • Know the correct sleeping position.


In the first few weeks, it is highly ideal to sleep on the side (with the body leaning a bit on the belly) or on the stomach. Meanwhile, the supine position—or sleeping on the back—is best avoided for the meantime.


  • Take care of the liposuction sites.


Aside from the buttocks, the liposuction sites also require great care to achieve smooth results and prevent the appearance of ugly scars. The general rule of thumb is to use compression garments for a minimum of one week; avoid sun exposure for at least six months; and never submerge the tiny round incisions for three weeks to prevent infection.

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