Reasons for Arm Lift Surgery

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The reasons for arm lift surgery are generally cosmetic related, i.e., remove the excess skin and fat in the upper arm lift and achieve a more balanced silhouette. While the vast majority of people seeking this procedure are massive weight loss patients, those who want to correct skin laxity due to natural aging can also benefit from it.


And because the reasons for arm lift surgery are primarily anchored to aesthetic improvement, it is rarely covered by health insurance. Nonetheless, some massive weight loss patients can expect relief from skin irritation and poor hygiene once the redundant tissue has been removed.


Reasons for Arm Lift Surgery

Arm lift surgery typically used an elbow-to-armpit incision placed on the inner aspect of the arm for optimal scar concealment. However, some patients may require their scar positioned more posteriorly, and thus more visible, to achieve a more natural arm contour.


Placing the scar more posteriorly has also been found to promote better scarring as compared to the inner aspect of the arm because it allows the surgeon to close the wound with less “surface” tension, according to California Surgical Institute website.


Occasionally, arm lift surgery is combined with liposuction to further contour the upper arm. It is highly recommended to use microcannula—i.e., stainless steel probe with a diameter that is 2.2 mm or less—because it removes excess fat in smaller bits, therefore giving the surgeon a much greater control.


And with greater control offered by microcannulas, the results tend to be smoother and more natural compared to larger cannulas.


As with any form of body contouring procedure, the patients’ reasons for arm lift surgery must be highly personal; the decision to have the surgery should not come from anyone else, including their loved ones and family.


To shed light on the possible “emotional and psychological benefits” from body contouring surgeries, one study examined massive weight loss patients who have had tummy tuck. It has suggested that patients who had the procedure were more successful in keeping their weight stable than those who did not.


The researchers concluded that the cosmetic improvements could serve as a strong motivation to stick to a healthy lifestyle/long-term weight management.

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