Back lift surgery after weight loss

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Back lift surgery removes the redundant skin in the upper back caused by aging or massive weight loss. All efforts are made to place the incision beneath the “bra line” for optimal scar concealment, says leading Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley.


The location of scar varies from patient to the next. For instance, individuals with large redundant skin typically have to accept the appearance of a long horizontal scar line across their upper back, while those who require less correction may need two shorter incisions placed on each side.


back lift surgery

One of the incision techniques used by Dr. Smiley.

The vast majority of back lift patients are women because they are more susceptible to sagging skin than men due to their thinner skin (about 20 percent thinner than males) and less collagen. Furthermore, they have less fascia and more fats that also leads to a tendency for cellulites.


While men afflicted by redundant skin due to significant weight loss (with or without aid from bariatric surgery) can also benefit from back lift, the fact that their scar cannot be hidden by bra (or style clothing for women) does not make the procedure particularly appealing.


During surgery, doctors create the suitable incision pattern in order to remove the excess skin and fat responsible for the appearance of back or bra rolls. However, it demands precise skin excision to achieve smooth results and prevent unfavorable scar (wide or dented).


Removing too much skin could also lead to poor healing, contour irregularities, and other surgical stigmata.


Occasionally, a concomitant liposuction is performed along the flanks and lower back to foster cohesive and proportionate results. A prominent flank due to excess fat can also obscure the S curves of the body and the projection of the buttocks. For this reason, liposuction of this area has become the go-to procedure of surgeons who want to create a more feminine silhouette.

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