Benefits of Nipple Incision Breast Augmentation

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In nipple incision breast augmentation technique, the surgeon places a small scar right at the border of the areola, which is the heavily pigmented skin. When the scars heal nicely, which is often the case, they are almost invisible even to the patients themselves.


(Note: The nipple incision breast augmentation is just another term for the peri-areolar technique.)


nipple incision breast augmentation

For Dr. Tarick Smiley, one of the leading Los Angeles plastic surgeons, the incision technique offers unique benefits, although as with any method it requires meticulous examination of the patient’s underlying anatomies to reap its full benefits and reduce the risk of complications as well.


The celebrity plastic surgeon regularly demonstrates the nipple incision breast augmentation on his Snapchat account to shed light on its benefits, the challenges or caveats, and the corresponding methods to offset them.


  • Almost invisible scar


The U-shaped scar will almost always blend in with the surrounding skin. This is particularly true when it is precisely made at the areola’s border and the wound closure technique ensures no or very little tension on the skin.


Meanwhile, patients whose areola is distinctly darker than the surrounding skin are at an advantage.


  • The areola complex can be slightly elevated


Some patients with mild breast sagging can benefit from a modified form of nipple incision breast augmentation in which the faint scar is positioned along the upper border of the areola. With this technique, Dr. Smiley can remove a small piece of skin above the areola to slightly elevate it.


  • The enlarged areola can be corrected


To achieve a more proportionate result, some patients ask for simultaneous areola reduction in which a cookie-cutter device creates an “imprint” to guide the surgeon.


  • More options in terms of breast implant placement


The nipple incision breast augmentation allows the surgeon to place the implants over or under the muscle.


  • The incision technique gives the surgeon more control over the final result


Because the surgeon works in close proximity to the breast (which is not the case of “through the navel” or “through the armpit” incision technique), it gives him a great deal of control. And for this same reason, the technique favors women with some type of asymmetry or less than optimal breast shape.

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