Breast Augmentation and Lift Results Should Look Natural

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Meticulous breast exam and surgical planning is the key to achieve breast augmentation and lift results that look natural and proportionate, said leading Inland Empire plastic surgery expert Dr. Tarick Smiley on his recent Snapchat post.


Dr. Smiley has recently demonstrated this “combo surgery” performed on a patient who had these following aesthetic problems:


  • Sagging breast tissue
  • Deflated upper breast pole
  • Disproportionately huge nipple that dropped below the level of the submammary fold


breast augmentation and lift results


While the patient’s preexisting soft tissue was sufficient, a breast lift-alone approach would not give her the upper pole fullness she wanted; hence, the use of concurrent small implants was fitting to deliver her aesthetic goals.


The use of small implants would give her not just additional fullness of the upper pole, but would also improve the overall projection of her breasts, Dr. Smiley said.


To give her more cleavage and “overall fullness,” the celebrity plastic surgeon used moderate profile implants whose forward projection is predetermined by their width. They are perceived to be the standard design as the provide just the right amount of “roundedness” without causing excessive fullness in the upper breast pole; hence, they simulate the look of an attractive breast that occurs “naturally.”


In the context of breast lift, Dr. Smiley performed the standard technique in which the incisions were created around the new smaller areola. The incisions were then extended down the midline and across the base of the breast, leading to an inverted T scar.


To ensure lasting “perkiness,” the surgeon elevated the internal breast tissue with “special sutures” that would act as a sling. This “fine-tuning technique” also allowed the silicone implant to remain centrally behind the areola.


Furthermore, he created more distance between the smaller areola and the submammary fold (about 3 cm), further contributing to the perkier and more youthful appearance.


Dr. Smiley noted that “all efforts are made to eliminate tension” in order to promote the best scar possible. During the creation of areolar incisions, he made them into perfect circle so the tension could be equally distributed. In addition, the wound was sutured in several rows so the skin would not receive excessive “tautness.”


The use of smaller or conservative-sized breast implants also favored the patient because of the reduced tension. It should be noted that overlarge implants used concurrently with breast lift might create too much “opposing tension” on the skin, which could result in higher risk of unfavorable scars and poor healing.

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