Breast Implant Surgery—Asking Loans from Family and Friends

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Being an elective procedure, breast implant surgery and its related costs are generally not covered by health insurance. Nevertheless, you may tap into a vast array of financing options such as unsecured medical loans, regular or medical credit cards, home equity loans, and bank loans.

It is also a common practice among plastic surgeons to offer their own breast augmentation payment plans.


However, one financing option that some patients may tap into is loan from family and friends.

One of the pros of this financing option is the flexibility. Your loved one might agree to an excellent terms (with no interest or penalty) and will most likely be flexible should you make a late payment.

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Nevertheless, money is really a tricky issue especially when it involves your intimate relationships. In the event that you default on the agreement, you will feel really bad, assuming that it’s not in your nature to run away from your debts.

Simply put, money issues could jeopardize your relationship when not handled properly. Also, family reunion could be awkward, if not hellish.

Borrowing money for an elective procedure like breast implant surgery might also be embarrassing for some. But if you feel comfortable with this financing option, you may want to consider peer to peer lending websites such as, which creates a legally binding loan agreement document or promissory note.

You might also consider Crowdfunding websites such as GoGetFunding to raise money, although you might be required to make a small transaction fee, which is usually 3 percent or less. But if you are really creative, you could even launch a social medial campaign that also allows you to share your makeover journey.

Other possible options include online gift giving websites such as Shareagift, FriendFund, MyRegistry, and, which can allow your friends and relatives to make cash deposits electronically.

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