Breasts Too High After Breast Augmentation Surgery

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It is not uncommon for the breasts to appear too high on the chest wall after breast augmentation surgery, although they are supposed to “drop” or “settle” in three to six months, resulting in a more natural appearance.

Take note that it takes time for the breast skin and soft tissue to adjust to the new contour, thus high-riding implants are not uncommon during the initial breast augmentation recovery. Meanwhile, the postop swelling further aggravates the appearance of “excessive” upper cleavage.


While high-riding implants are not uncommon during the initial healing stage, leading Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smaili instructs his patients to perform regular massage, or medically referred to as implant displacement exercise, to accelerate the “settling.”

Breast implant massage is also known to maintain the natural softness of the breast tissue and internal scar tissue that forms around the device, explains Dr. Smaili.

Other postop solutions for high-riding breast implants include compression garments and upper pole bands, although Dr. Smaili says time remains the best “treatment.”

Remember that the aforementioned solutions will only accelerate the settling of the implants, and any high-riding appearance that remains “stubborn” after four to six weeks will always need a revision breast augmentation, warns the leading Los Angeles plastic surgeon.

To prevent excessive fullness in the upper breast pole, Dr. Smaili highlights the importance of correct implant pocket dissection. One way to do this is to perform the surgery while the patient is sitting up, a technique that allows any surgeon to correctly assess the breast size, projection, and contour.

To further create natural-looking results, Dr. Smaili says that some patients may require their inframammary crease to be lowered; the idea is to position the implants approximately at the center of the breast mound, behind the nipple area.

Also, the additional distance between the inframammary fold and nipple area might also create some lifting effect, further contributing to the perkier, more youthful appearance.

In addition, using the correct breast implant base diameter (side to side dimension) and size also plays a crucial role in simulating the natural projection and shape. The general rule of thumb is to respect and acknowledge the existing measurement of the breasts.

Meanwhile, an implant whose base and profile goes beyond the existing dimension of the breast can lead to “over-projection” and excessive upper breast pole fullness. Other possible results include palpability, rippling especially along the sides, and globular/unnatural shape.

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