Choosing a Plastic Surgeon for Breast Augmentation Procedure

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Contrary to popular belief, the goal of breast augmentation procedure is not just about creating a bigger cup size, but more importantly, to deliver results that look and feel natural.

Good results from the procedure is only possible in the hands of a qualified plastic surgeon, or to be more specific, a board-certified doctor who regularly performs the surgery and has impressive breast augmentation pictures.


(Note: The general rule of thumb is to choose a member of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, which is recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties. Meanwhile, there is no recognized certifying board with “cosmetic” or “aesthetic” surgery in its name.

You can visit ABPS website or its online database to check if a surgeon is a member of this reputable certifying board.)

All plastic surgeons have before-and-after photos to showcase their artistic skills and also help their future patients make an informed decision, as suggested by Beverly Hills plastic surgery Dr. Tarick Smaili.

Take a look at the breast contour of the “after” photos. They should appear like a teardrop, with most of the volume in the lower poles while the upper cleavage must look concave rather than globular—unless there is a specific instruction from the patient who wants exaggerated fullness in the area.

A slight lateral bulge is also deemed attractive as it contributes to the hourglass figure, although remember that one’s underlying anatomies also affect the final appearance, says Dr. Smaili.

You should also look at the distance between the lower edge of the areola and the inframammary fold, which primarily depends on the breast size although for the “average” women it is normally 5-6 cm. But in general, the bigger the cup, the greater the gap tends to be.

Once you are confident with a doctor’s qualifications, you may schedule a consultation with him. This will allow you to assess his “principles” and surgical approach that will help you achieve your desired results from breast augmentation procedure; it is equally important that you are comfortable with that provider.

During consultation, ask for the chance to talk to some of your surgeon’s patients who have undergone the procedure. This is also an opportunity to prepare yourself emotionally and psychologically during the initial healing stage when pain, lethargy, bruising, and swelling will contribute to your “postop blues.”

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