Conservative Breast Implants Sample Pictures

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Conservative breast implants typically refer to a size that is not bigger than 350 cubic centimeters, leading to 1 or 2 cup size increase after surgery. It is important to note that aside from the implant volume, the patient’s starting anatomy will also have a large effect on the final results.


For instance, the soft tissue coverage, chest and breast shape and dimension, nipple position, and skin elasticity will all have their effects on the surgery.


To shed light on the issue, leading Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley shares the before-and-after photos of two patients who opted for conservative breast implants.


Patient no. 1


Patient no. 1 received 340 cc silicone breast implants, which have cohesive silicone gel to compensate for her lack of tissue coverage and thus minimize the risk of rippling and palpability, problems that commonly plague women with inadequate soft tissue prior to breast augmentation surgery.


To further give her “smoother,” more natural results, Dr. Smiley positioned the silicone implants beneath the thick pec muscle, which provides additional coverage. However, the bottom aspect of the implant is only covered and supported by the tissue and fascia, leading to a “teardrop effect” that is the quintessence of a natural breast contour.


Because the patient said she disliked the idea of “direct” scars on the breast, she requested for trans-axillary breast augmentation, a technique that involves a small incision that is positioned within the deepest fold of the armpit for optimal scar concealment.


Dr. Smiley recommended the trans-axillary technique to the patient because her “starting anatomy” was perfect for this method: Her breasts had a good level of symmetry and they were not saggy prior to surgery.


Patient no. 2


Patient no. 2 received breast lift with conservative breast implants; hence, the size of the “after” photo was not too different from the “before” pic.


The patient opted for conservative breast implants because she already have adequate breast tissue, which Dr. Smiley re-arranged to correct the sagging appearance.


The patient requested for implants not for additional volume, but for the enhancement of her breast shape and upper pole fullness.


Because of her significantly droopy breasts, she received the standard breast lift technique in which the incisions go around the areola, down the midline, and across the base of the breast. This is also referred to as anchor breast lift due to the shape of the scar, which is expected to fade into the background after 6-18 months.

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