Could Breast Implants Simulate the Natural Breast Shape?

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There is more to breast implants than augmenting a small bust size. First and foremost, they are supposed to provide results that look natural in terms of appearance and shape that a common observer will not be able to tell if you have had the surgery.

While the term natural-looking results can be interpreted in many ways, depending on the personal views of patients, in essence the breast shape should resemble a teardrop in which the lower aspect has less fullness, while the lower bottom has most of the volume, explains leading plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smaili.


With decades of experience, Dr. Smaili explains his techniques that help him simulate the natural breast shape with the use of breast implants:

* The inferior origin of the breast must be adequately released.

The goal of this technique is to prevent the implants from riding up too high, leading to a globular look or exaggerated fullness in the upper aspect of the breast. To simulate the natural shape, it is important for the prosthesis to drop a bit so the lower bottom will have most of the volume.

* The submuscular breast implant placement is often the most ideal choice.

Aside from minimizing the risk of rippling and palpability because the technique allows the thick layer of muscle to cover the upper portion of the implants, it is also notable for delivering natural breast shape.

And because the lower bottom of the implant is only covered by fascia, which is a strong connective tissue that serves as an “internal bra,” it allows the prosthesis to take on a teardrop shape.

* Use round implants with the right profile or projection.

Once inside the breast pocket, round and teardrop/anatomical implants adopt the same shape because of the effects of gravity—i.e., pulling most of the filler material to the bottom of the shell.

But the advantage of round implants over anatomical implants is that they eliminate the risk of deformity caused by “flipping over” since all their sides are symmetric.

To provide natural results, round implants must have the right amount of projection, which is determined by your underlying anatomies. The general rule of thumb is that only a small to moderate upper fullness in the upper breast poles must be allowed to simulate the teardrop appearance.

Using a conservative implant size (or within the limits of your chest and breast measurement)—rather than overlarge ones—can further help you achieve a more natural breast shape and a result that looks proportionate to your body frame.

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