Could I Have Breast Surgery and Brazilian Butt Lift at the Same Time?

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Question: Could I have breast surgery and Brazilian butt lift at the same time?

Surgeon’s Answer: In many cases it is cost-effective to perform two or more plastic surgeries in one setting since the patient will only pay for one anesthesia and facility fee. However, it does not apply to breast surgery and Brazilian butt lift.

Breast surgery—such as augmentation, lift, or reduction—requires that you sleep on your back for at least six or eight weeks postop. The idea is to prevent pulling on the wound and causing harm to the recovering tissue, which could happen if you lie on your stomach or chest.

Recovery after a Brazilian butt lift, meanwhile, requires that you avoid any pressure on the buttocks, which could kill the fat grafts and lead to low survival rate of fats and asymmetric shape. The general rule of thumb is to avoid sleeping on your back for two to three weeks.


Prolonged sitting while the fat grafts have not yet formed their blood supply can also lead to poor results.

The best sleeping position following a Brazilian butt lift, which in essence is a buttock augmentation via fat grafting technique, is to lie on your stomach or side, ideally leaning more forward to avoid “accidents.”

The problem can arise if you have breast surgery and Brazilian butt lift in one surgical setting. It may be difficult, if not impossible, to find a comfortable sleeping position that will not compromise your results.

Take note sleeping in your stomach during the initial stage of breast augmentation recovery is particularly detrimental because of the increased risk of implant shifting and sagging. Also, pressure on the area can lead to late-onset bleeding, persistent swelling, and pain, which can jeopardize the results.

You may argue that you can lie on your side and remain still during sleep, so combining these two procedures is acceptable. However, take note that most Brazilian butt lifts involve transferring fat to the hips or lateral side of the buttocks to achieve a more attractive silhouette, and placing pressure on this area can lead to less than optimal results.

The general rule of thumb is to stage the surgeries. For instance, you may want to have a buttock augmentation or Brazilian butt lift first and then wait for at least three months for your breast surgery.

Also, make sure that both surgeries are performed only by certified plastic surgeons who specialize in body contouring procedures.

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