Heidi Montag Downsizes Her Breast Implants

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Heidi Montag, who unwittingly made herself a foster child of celebrity plastic surgery after getting multiple cosmetic procedures in one day four years ago, has told ET News she had another surgery that downsized her breast implants from F cup to D cup after experiencing “mobility issue” and other problems related to her overlarge breast size.

Due to the star’s excessively large breast implants, she said she had experienced pains and discomfort, which she could have been avoided in the first place if she chose a more conservative size.


According to anecdotal reports, a vast majority of breast augmentation patients choose breast implant sizes between 300 cubic centimeters and 350 cc’s, which are relatively “small” or “conservative” in relation to the natural tissue and skin.

The benefit of choosing smaller breast implants, according to several studies, is that it results in a more natural appearance, in addition to less cosmetic and “mobility” problems.

In the first few months following Montag’s extreme makeover, she was quoted saying that she was happy with the results despite public criticism suggesting that she had gone overboard.

But eventually, the former Hill star reported being unhappy with her plastic surgery results, particularly with her excessively large breast implants that gave her back pain and numb limps

The star also blamed liposuction for her cellulites after she was photographed wearing short shorts that revealed her “dimpled” skin in the legs.  However, plastic surgeons were quick to say that the unsightly appearance was caused by lack of exercise and yoyo dieting rather than a poorly executed lipo.

Studies have always suggested that liposuction, which removes the excess fat, cannot improve or worsen the appearance of cellulites that is caused by the “unusual arrangement” of fat deposits and connective tissue.

Many people, including some board-certified plastic surgeons, have said the former reality TV star may not have been a good candidate for surgical enhancements in the first place because of her unrealistic expectations and sedentary/unhealthy lifestyle.

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