How to Shorten Your Breast Implant Scar

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Breast implant surgery requires the use of incisions to create an implant pocket where the device will be positioned. But any time the skin is cut or injured, a scar always forms as the body’s way of healing itself.

Nevertheless, leading breast enhancement expert Dr. Tarick Smaili says that some surgical techniques are now being used to hide and [possibly] shorten the appearance of breast implant scar.


Saline implants can afford a shorter incision than silicone implants because they are only inflated by surgeons once inside the pocket. Oftentimes, they require an opening just under 1.5 inches, which of course leads to a short scar that usually further shrinks as it matures.

Silicone implants, being always prefilled by their manufacturers, require a longer incision even if they come in smaller sizes.

Smaller silicone implants typically require an incision around 2 inches, while the larger ones of course needed bigger openings. However, they remain the popular choice of breast augmentation patients since their filler material, which is a cohesive gel, behaves just like the natural tissue and fat.

Instead of limiting yourself to saline implants or smallest silicone implants (which may not deliver the look you want to achieve), Dr. Smaili explains your other options if you want to shorten your breast implant scar:

* Keller Funnel

This cone-shaped device, which costs around $125 each, has its narrowest end inserted into the implant pocket through a small skin opening. And with just a few quick squeezes, it can push the silicone implant downward and into its proper position.

With the Keller Funnel breast augmentation technique, silicone implants will only need a short incision the same as the saline implants’.

* Use of small or conservative-sized breast implants

Occasionally, scar migration (e.g., a breast crease scar that inadvertently goes too low or too high) and “unnecessary” scarring are caused by using implants that are too large relative to your underlying anatomies.

Smaller breast implants, meanwhile, only require a shorter incision and are less likely to cause scar migration.

* Proper wound closure

With proper wound closure, the scar can heal and fade well into a barely noticeable white line. Another important thing is to minimize the tension on the skin to prevent the appearance of wide/raised scars.

* Use of scar treatments

A “good” scar is not only short, but it should also appear thin and flat. This is where post-surgical scar treatments come in handy.

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