Is Tattoo Safe with Breast Implants?

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Because the breast implant pocket is positioned far from the skin tissue, the tattoo needle does not pose any threat to the stability of the device.  In fact, plastic surgeons even use tattoo in breast reconstruction after cancer surgery in order to create the pigmented areola.

Nevertheless, you still have to consider that unhygienic equipment could lead to bacterial contamination.  For this reason, it is important that you only go to a reputable artist who uses sterile needles and individually distributed pigments.

Some plastic surgeons are particularly concerned with the spread of bacteria through the bloodstream, which can transpire with the use of unhygienic tattoo equipment.  If this happens, the presence of low-grade bacteria could lead to hardening of the breast implant pocket (but not the implant itself), which is a condition called capsular contracture.

Many experts suggest that capsular contracture is triggered by the presence of non-virulent bacteria that adhere to the implant shell.  And after several weeks or months, the body reacts by creating more collagen or scar tissue around the device until it becomes too thick and dense.

In severe cases of capsular contracture, the breast tissue becomes too hard and there is a visible deformity.

Simply put, the breast implants are under multiple layers of tissue and fat that there is no way the needle could puncture the shell, although the real concern is the risk of bacterial contamination, something which can be minimized by finding a reputable artist who uses sterile equipment.

In 2011, about 307,000 women underwent breast augmentation via implants, making it the most popular cosmetic surgery, according to data released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

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