Keller Funnel Breast Augmentation Explained

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The Keller funnel breast augmentation is a technique that uses a pouch-like disposable device that makes the insertion of silicone breast implants quicker and less “traumatic.” Studies have also suggested it can lower the risk of contamination at the time of surgery, which in turn reduces the capsular contracture rate.


Capsular contracture happens when the usually thin scar capsule around the implants becomes thicker. This complication is closely linked to implant contamination at the time of surgery and low-grade infection during the initial healing phase.


keller funnel breast augmentation

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With this technique, the implantation process is entirely done without touching the implants (their sterile packaging is opened before they are “poured” into the funnel). The tip of the funnel is placed into a small incision and is then squeezed to propel the implant into its pocket.


The implantation process will only take about 20 seconds, significantly shorter compared to the finger-push technique.


Leading Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley has recently demonstrated on his Snapchat account how Keller funnel breast augmentation is performed.


The patient shown in the video received 500 cc high profile implants via peri-areolar incision, also referred to as “through the nipple.” One of the challenges of larger breast implants is the need for longer incisions, which of course result in longer scars. But with the use of Keller funnel, this problem has been easily resolved.


With a short incision (about 3.5 cm) that ran precisely within the areola’s lower border, the scar is expected to blend in with the surrounding skin after 6-12 months, said Dr. Smiley.


In addition, the celebrity plastic surgeon has noted the drastic reduction in the amount of surgical trauma around the skin, which could further promote favorable scars.


With the gamut of benefits provided by Keller funnel breast augmentation, he now uses it in most of his surgeries involving silicone implants, which are always prefilled.


It is important to note that the Keller funnel technique does not apply to saline implants, which are always positioned inside their pockets “empty” before they are gradually inflated by a predetermined amount of saline or sterile saltwater.

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