Most Common Reasons of Patients Opting for Breast Augmentation

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Breast augmentation was the most commonly performed cosmetic plastic surgery last year, with about 290,000 procedures performed by board-certified plastic surgeons, according to data released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

While a growing number of plastic surgeons are using fat graft as an alternative for “standard” breast augmentation, the use of breast implants remain the most viable option especially if the patients want to have more than a “cup size increase.”


Aside from creating a fuller appearance, experts in breast augmentation Inland Empire have noticed that most patients have other cosmetic goals, which the surgery can also deliver as long as with the right implant size/style and surgical approach.

These are the most common reasons of patients opting for breast augmentation:

*  Improve breast proportions

Studies have suggested that a youthful-looking breast has a teardrop shape, with most of the fullness in the lower poles.  Nevertheless, a minimal to moderate amount of “roundedness” in the upper cleavage still remains attractive and natural.

With use of “correct” implant placement and size, the deflated upper breast pole will have some fullness while the lower pole will have most of the volume, leading to a teardrop, natural appearance.

*  Improve the overall body proportions

Some women with wide hips and significantly small breasts opt for implant surgery to achieve a more hourglass figure.  But to simulate a more natural look, a good rule of thumb is to use an implant size that is within the confines of the underlying anatomy, especially when it comes to the chest/breast/shoulder measurement.

*  Correct breast deformity

Breast deformities such as tubular breasts can be improved by implants, although experts in breast augmentation Inland Empire highlight the importance of adjunct procedures—such as tissue tightening and nipple repair—to simulate the natural breast proportion and appearance.

Deformities caused by previous surgeries such as mastectomy (cancer surgery) also respond well with breast augmentation, which is likely to be covered by health insurance.

*  Restore volume

Pregnancy, aging, and weight fluctuations are all tied to deflated-looking breasts.  These “cosmetic concerns” can be corrected by breast implant surgery, which may be performed alongside breast lift to achieve a more desirable appearance.

While one of the primary goals of this surgery is to increase the breast size, implants that are too large relative to the underlying anatomy will lead to a higher risk of palpability, implant displacement, and rippling.  For this reason, going “conservative” is usually the best option.

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