Preventing Top Heavy Look and Other Visible Breast Implant Effects

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The top heavy look is one of the most recognizable breast implant effects. Hence, patients who want the natural look always take into account their body frame, particularly their upper body dimension, waist-to-hip ratio, and height when selecting their implant size.


In general, the breast implant size range between 300 and 450 cc provides “smaller” augmentation that suits petite women. Also, going the conservative route favors patients with little soft tissue coverage who are prone to rippling, globular shape, and increased palpability particularly when overlarge implants are used.


breast implant effects

Conservative-sized implants also suit athletic patients who typically have low body fat percentage that makes them prone to rippling if overlarge saline implants are used.


Due to the inherent strength of modern breast implants, most patients seeking revision surgery nowadays are not concerned with rupture or leak but want an implant exchange to upsize or downsize, as suggested by a recent survey.


Hence, the breast implant size and its “specific” results on each woman is one of the most important topics during consultation. Leading Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley says the patient’s candidness—describing her “bust goals” in precise detail—plays a critical role in the success of breast augmentation.


Of course, it is the surgeon’s responsibility to offer his patients all modalities that will improve their discussion. For instance, some doctors offer sizers that are put inside an unpadded bra to give women an idea on how a specific implant size will look on them.


Some doctors also offer three-dimensional imaging to further improve the discussion regarding the implant size and profile, or how much it projects from the chest wall.


Meanwhile, some studies and surveys have attempted to shed light on the ideal breast size in which individual preferences greatly varied. However, most respondents favored medium-sized breasts, namely, C and D cup.


One study has even suggested that medium-sized breasts that are firm and with a 45:55 ratio, which means most of the volume is in the lower pole, with the nipple serving as the delineating mark, as the most preferred breast appearance.


It is important to note that some patients seek breast implants to enhance their shape or correct the deflated-looking upper breast pole without resulting in significant augmentation.

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