Revision Breast Implant Surgery—Should I Go Back to My Original Surgeon?

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Revision breast implant surgery is performed to address early or late onset complications, which could be related to implants or physiological issues such as drooping of the tissue and skin thinning. Occasionally, a cosmetic problem is caused by multiple factors—e.g., inappropriate implant size and pre-existing breast sagging—that must be treated simultaneously to deliver pleasing results.

In general, you should consider going back to your original doctor to determine the underlying cause of your problem and the potential solutions that could improve your appearance. Take note almost every [prudent and ethical] board-certified plastic surgeon wants the best for his or her patient.


To achieve good results from primary or revision breast augmentation surgery, the general rule of thumb is to only consult a board-certified plastic surgeon, or to be exact, a doctor certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This is an assurance that he or she has specific training in this medical field and has passed the institution’s rigorous exams taken every 10 years.

Aside from board certification, it is imperative that the surgeon performing your revision must have chosen breast surgery as his or her main practice. Bear in mind that a doctor whose niche procedure is facial rejuvenation may not be able to deliver optimal results when assigned to perform breast-related procedures.

And because revision breast surgeries tend to be more challenging and complex than primary procedures, take note that some doctors in Orange County plastic surgery have even made these as their “niche.”

Good rapport, honest communications, and trust are crucial for any patient-surgeon relationship, especially if the surgery’s goal is all about cosmetic improvement. Make sure that all these variables are present to help you achieve satisfying results and to minimize risk of complications and botched outcome.

While in most cases it would ideal to at least talk to your original plastic surgeon, it remains helpful if you ask for second opinion. The goal is to compare each doctor’s opinions, ideas, treatments, and “visions” from others, and then choose the one that “makes sense” to you the most.

By knowing and understanding your options, it would be easier to make a sound judgment.

Dr. Tarick Smaili, one of the leading Orange County plastic surgery experts, says that it astounds him that many patients do not conduct background check on their surgeons or scrutinize them the same way as they would inspect a new car or house.

A word of advice from the renowned breast augmentation surgeon:

“We typically spend lot of time and effort before buying a large or expensive asset. The same amount of effort must be also given when choosing a plastic surgeon who will work on our body. For anyone considering cosmetic procedures, he or she must practice the highest level of prudence.”

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