Total Breast Augmentation Cost and Payment Plans

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Due to the high demand for breast augmentation Los Angeles, its cost is also higher compared to other smaller, less populated cities. Nevertheless, the price should not be your primary concern, but rather your plastic surgeon’s qualifications, training, experience, and other factors that can help him deliver impressive results.

While it may be tempting to choose your surgeon based on someone who gives amazing discount, the caveat is that it may prevent you from hiring a reputable doctor. Also, prices that are too low relative to the average cost generally have some compromises in the quality of implants, facilities, and surgeon’s talents.


According to a recent survey, breast augmentation Los Angeles prices are typically between $4,000 and $7,000. The considerable variation in costs is due to the type of implants, miscellaneous expenses (operating room cleaning fee, surgical equipment, pain medication, postop garments, etc.), and doctor’s fee.

In general, breast augmentation procedure via silicone implants is around $1,000 more expensive than a surgery with the use of saline implants.

Despite the pricey silicone implants, Los Angeles plastic surgeons say that 70-90 percent of their patients choose them over saline implants because of their more natural feel and (Photo credit: Freedigitalphotos)   look.

Although it makes sense to be price-conscious, you should not compromise your safety, comfort, or cosmetic results just for the sake of lowering the surgery’s cost by a couple of hundreds. For instance, a pain pump, which delivers numbing medication directly to the breasts, entails an additional fee of $250.

Pain pumps are highly recommended because they promote a more straightforward and more comfortable recovery. Using them could also lower the incidence of nausea and other untoward side effects of oral painkillers.

Using Keller Funnel, which allows no-touch implantation during surgery, could also entail that you pay $100 extra for it. This disposable device that closely resembles a baker’s piping bag has been known to reduce the incidence of implant contamination, infection, capsular contracture, and reoperation.

To avoid financial surprises, ask your surgeon for a quote (ideally on the invoice sheet) that includes even the most trivial things that might be easy to miss such as your postop bra, painkillers, follow-up visit, etc.

Meanwhile, you may tap into different breast augmentation Los Angeles payment plans, which a growing number of surgeons are offering to their qualified patients.

Other financing options you might consider include regular or health care credit cards, home equity loan, unsecured medical loans, bank loans, loans from families and friends, and 401(k)loans.

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