Breast Appearance After Mastopexy

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Mastopexy, or more commonly referred to as breast lift surgery, is reserved for women with breast ptosis (sagging) wherein their nipple-areola complex falls within or far below their inframammary fold.

The inframammary fold is where the breast meets the chest and is most apparent in women with larger and/or saggy breasts.


Using strategically placed incisions, this type of surgery can tighten the loose tissue and skin and at the same time reposition the low-lying nipple area near the center of breast mound.

To help you better understand the surgery’s effects and determine whether your aesthetic goals are achievable, the list below describes the breast appearance after mastopexy:

* The original position of your inframammary fold will remain the same.

While mastopexy can raise the drooping nipple-areola complex to further create a “perkier” appearance, take note that it does reposition your inframammary crease. Simply put, the surgery cannot change your breast height.

* It can only reshape the mid to lower half of the breast.

Breast lift uses incisions within the lower half of the breast mound (e.g., around the nipple area, vertically from the areola down to the crease, and/or inside the inframammary fold), so it has no effect on the shape and appearance of the upper cleavage. Thus, if you have a deflated-looking upper breast pole, it will remain the same after surgery unless you will ask for small implants to achieve some fullness in the area.

* Scar is always a tradeoff.

Any time the skin is cut or injured, scar will always develop. However, it is supposed to heal and fade drastically within a year and is hidden even if you are wearing a low-cut top.

To encourage the scars to fade and heal well—and prevent them from becoming thick and noticeable—it is important to minimize the tension on the skin and work deeper into the layers of the breast to support to the new contour rather than use skin-only lift techniques.

With proper surgical techniques and post-op care that may include the use of scar treatments, for the vast majority of patients breast lift scars are barely noticeable.

* The nipple is repositioned higher.

In a youthful breast, the nipple lies in the center of the “mound.” However, it should not be too high lest it will lead to a very unnatural result that could appear worse as the soft tissue continues to age and respond to gravity.

* Your breast size will remain the same.

If you have overlarge, droopy breasts, the best approach is to combine mastopexy with reduction mammaplasty—or more commonly referred to as breast reduction surgery—to prevent or at least postpone re-drooping. And for most patients, the “combo” procedure also results in a more balanced appearance.

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