Breast Lift and Reduction Cost

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Breast lift and reduction are typically performed under one surgical setting instead of “staging” them since it is more convenient to experience just one recovery. Also, patients will only have to pay for one anesthesia and surgical facility fee.

And because breast lift and reduction share the same incision pattern, there is no additional scar, says leading Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smaili.


According to a recent survey, this combo procedure typically costs between $5,000 and $10,000; this great price variation is due to factors like location, amount of correction needed, breast size and shape, surgeon’s fee, adjunct procedure if there is any, etc.

Dr. Smaili explains how these factors affect the cost of breast lift and reduction surgeries.

  • Breast size. Larger, droopier breasts require longer operative time than smaller, less pendulous breasts. Nevertheless, it remains ideal to keep the surgery under six hours to minimize the risk of excessive bleeding and control the amount of surgical trauma.

In standard breast reduction and/or breast lift, which favors patients who need the most correction, surgeons create incisions around the areola’s perimeter, between the nipple and the submammary, and within the inframammary crease.

But for smaller breasts, the submammary scar can be eliminated, leading to less scarring and possibly shorter downtime.

  • Living in elite districts and metropolitan areas where the demand for cosmetic plastic surgery is high often means more expensive breast procedures.

Because of money “issue,” some patients travel long distances to receive plastic surgery. However, this poses some challenges in terms of follow-up visits and communications.

Traveling long distances for plastic surgery is reasonable as long as the patient feels that she will get the best aftercare from a reputable, board-certified plastic surgeon who has an impressive track record in providing natural results.

  • Surgical technique. The complexity of the combo procedure is largely determined by the size and shape of the breasts. In general, patients who need drastic downsizing and lifting will have to pay more.

Additional procedures such as nipple reduction and liposuction will also mean higher fees.

  • Surgeon’s fee. Reputable and seasoned plastic surgeons charge higher than “neophyte” doctors who have just started their career. Most experts agree that experience plays a crucial role in their ability to deliver natural-looking results since cosmetic surgery is more of an art than a science.

However, a high “price tag” does not always equate skills and “exclusivity.” Sometimes, unscrupulous non-specialists charge higher fees than bona fide [board certified] plastic surgeons so they might appear like an expert despite their lack of training and experience.

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