Breast Reconstruction with Internal Lift

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Breast reconstruction with internal lift aims to correct the sagging appearance without the extensive use of incisions. Some doctors refer to it as scarless breast lift, although the term might be confusing because it still uses a short incision right at the border of the areola.


breast reconstruction with internal lift

Anytime the skin is injured the body creates a scar—its natural way of repairing tissue. Nonetheless, the scar from breast reconstruction with internal lift is made precisely at the areola’s border (light-dark skin junction) so it blends well into background.


Leading Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley has recently posted a series of videos and images on Snapchat to demonstrate the results of breast reconstruction with internal lift.


But to enjoy the full benefits of breast reconstruction with internal lift, Dr. Smiley says meticulous patient selection is critical.


“A lot of people are asking who are good candidates for it. Usually, patients with no severe sagging will be able to do this,” he said in one of the videos.


The patient shown in the video had minimal sag. While her areola was positioned lower than ideal, it was still above the inframammary fold or breast crease.


Dr. Smiley positioned a small curved incision precisely at the lower border of the areola for optimal scar concealment. Then, he used a surgical mesh that would serve as an “internal bra” to support the new contour without the appearance of long scars, which is an issue with the traditional breast lift.


In traditional breast lift, the appearance of scar down at the midline (between the areola and the breast crease) is one of the main concerns of patients due to its more conspicuous placement. The peri-areolar and horizontal breast crease scars, meanwhile, are more concealed and so many patients would find them “acceptable.”


Aside from the use of surgical mesh, the success of breast reconstruction with internal lift also boils down to meticulous suturing technique. Dr. Smiley says all efforts are made to eliminate tension on the skin to promote healing and fading of scar.


He says that he uses buried tension suturing technique in which several rows of stitches are used to close the incision. The skin, meanwhile, is not “picked up” by any suture, with its edges simply allowed to “kiss” each other. This method promotes the best scar possible because it eliminates most if not all of the tension.

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