Breast Reduction for Asymmetrical Breasts

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Breast reduction for asymmetrical breasts is a highly customized procedure. While it is possible to perform a unilateral procedure—i.e., only operating on the bigger breast—it may not result in optimal shape and good overall appearance.

While almost all women have asymmetric breasts, the difference in size or shape is often insignificant.

breast reduction for asymmetrical breasts

Before and after photos of patient who had breast reduction for asymmetrical breasts.

But in severe cases of lopsidedness, breast reduction, breast lift, and/or implant surgery can be of great help. To achieve high patient satisfaction, a prudent surgeon will try to understand the cosmetic goals and personal tastes of his patient.

There are many ways to perform breast reduction for asymmetrical breasts, however, the usual approach is to take more tissue on one side than the other in an attempt to improve the symmetry between the two, according to California Surgical Institute website.

Another possible approach is to reduce the bigger breast and only “lift” the smaller one so that both nipples will be at the same height and/or both “mounds” will almost have similar projection and shape.

Contrary to popular belief, obvious asymmetry is not only caused by a notable size gap. Oftentimes, the lopsided appearance is aggravated by different-sized areolas, one breast drooping or projecting more than other, or one nipple positioned higher than the other side.

Breast lift is a fitting complementary procedure of breast reduction. In this procedure, doctors not just lift the sagging tissue, but also reshape the breast and reposition the areola complex.

Most doctors use some form of internal sutures to support the planned size or shape after breast reduction/lift. Failure to create a strong underlying structure not only leads to short-lived results, but also results in increased risk of scar migration or “thickening.”

While it may sound counterintuitive, sometimes breast reduction is combined with implant surgery. This approach is primarily reserved for patients who want to achieve more upper pole fullness, which breast lift alone cannot achieve.

Because the incisions used in breast lift are confined within the lower poles, as a stand-alone procedure it cannot improve the appearance of deflated-looking upper cleavage, a cosmetic problem that is best addressed by breast implants.

Regardless of the surgical technique, breast reduction (with or without adjunct procedures) is only reserved for normal weight individuals who understand the importance of healthy lifestyle as a long-term weight management solution.

It is important to note that significant weight gain/loss can affect, if not completely reverse, the effects of breast enhancement surgeries.

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