Male Chest Liposuction for a More Athletic Appearance

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With meticulous patient selection and surgical execution, male chest liposuction can result in a more athletic appearance, says leading Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley.


But what constitutes the ideal male chest?

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As with any body contouring surgery, male chest liposuction demands a profound understanding of the established aesthetic guidelines. For instance, most cultures prefer a V-shaped male torso that exhibits broad shoulders and a defined chest that tapers to the flat waist.


Scientists recon that the athletic V-shaped male physique might serve as visible cue for health, virility, and good genes.


Knowing the aforementioned aesthetic guideline is one of the keys to achieve natural results from male chest liposuction. After all, men generally want an outcome that appears like they were born with it or at least work on their physique through good ol’ fashion exercise and healthy diet.


Dr. Smiley says one common mistake of inexperienced surgeons doing male chest liposuction is focusing only on the lower part of the chest wall, while ignoring other critical areas such as the lateral and outer aspect of the muscle. This results in “fullness” or indentation of the adjacent sites.


Due to the natural diffusion of superficial fat whose distribution is genetically predetermined rather than caused by poor lifestyle, male chest liposuction entails a larger surface area—i.e., the lower and lateral and outer areas of the muscle must be contoured as well to ensure smooth transition and natural results.


All efforts are made to promote natural results, as men are generally more reticent about their aesthetic plastic surgery than women.


To further ensure a more “cohesive” result, a good number of patients can also benefit from liposuction of their anterior abdomen and/or flanks. Compared to women, men in general require less fat volume removed due to the natural distribution of their fat and muscle composition.


It should be noted that male chest liposuction only works in normal weight men with pseudo-gynecomastia, which means that their overdeveloped breasts are caused by excess fat instead of glandular tissue, which does not come out with liposuction cannula (hollowed steel tube attached to a pump).


The only way to remove the excess glandular tissue is to create a short incision along the lower edge of the areola (dark pigmented part of skin). And over time, the scar is expected to fade into the background.

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