Brow Lift for Young Patients

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Brow lift for young patients, i.e., aged between 20 and 35, is quite uncommon since the procedure is primarily designed to lift the sagging brow and correct the horizontal forehead creases and “11” lines between the brows, which are age-related problems.


However, some young people are born with lower eyebrow position that could make brow lift a possible option. Nonetheless, most plastic surgeons would recommend non-surgical or “temporary” solution to at least give them an idea of how much elevation that would suit them before resorting to a more permanent surgery.

brow lift for young patients

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Botox injection, which could be a good alternative to brow lift, is not just used to elevate the saggy brows; in the hands of a great injector it can also reshape the brow in a way that it “respects” the patient’s underlying anatomies and gender, according to California Surgical Institute website.


The effects of Botox can last four to six months, so the patient must accept that she requires regular maintenance to preserve her appearance.


Whether brow lift or Botox is used, the goal is to create gender-appropriate results. In general, female brow appears higher than the bony rim of the eye socket and is more arched compared to male brow.


Male brow, meanwhile, typically lies at the same level or even slightly lower than the bony rim of the eye socket.


Just like Botox, brow lift not only elevates the saggy brow, but also reshapes them in a way that the results look natural and proportionate to the rest of the facial features. However, a good number of patients only require the lateral part of their brow, or “tail end,” to be lifted.


Only a small number of patients experience significant medial/inner brow descent, as suggested by some Los Angeles plastic surgeons who advocate the use of temporal brow lift in which a small incision behind the hairline is used to lift the tail end of the brow.


Proponents of this minimally invasive technique suggest that it is an ideal brow lift for young patients who generally require a conservative elevation of their brow’s tail end, which in turn could also minimize the fullness in their upper eyelid thus leading to a more rejuvenated appearance.


To determine the most viable option, any form of facial rejuvenation procedure entails proper patient selection, honest discussion between the surgeons and patients, and comprehensive physical exam.

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