Male Endoscopic Brow Lift

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Male endoscopic brow lift is particularly suitable for patients with receding hairline or hair loss problem. With this technique, 2-6 small incisions about 1 cm in length are positioned behind the hairline so the scars remain hidden.

For patients with hair loss problem and large forehead, the standard technique in which a long continuous incision at the ear’s level is used can be problematic—it can lead to more visible scar and add more height to the forehead.

male endoscopic brow lift

Meanwhile, the aforementioned problems can be avoided by endoscopic brow lift techniques, which use an endoscope or fiber-optic camera attached to a screen. Doctors also use other tiny articulating instruments to tighten and reshape the deeper structures of the forehead.

Even with the use of shorter incisions, endoscopic techniques can still elevate the entire forehead and brow, which is often achieved by using some form of internal sutures or anchors. If needed, the surgeon will also weaken the muscles responsible for the “frowning” appearance.

Contrary to popular belief, male endoscopic brow lift is not just about raising the sagging brow. An equally important goal is to reshape it in a way that it is gender appropriate. The consensus is that male brows must appear heavier and more horizontally oriented compared with female brows.

Also, male brows must ideally lie at or even slightly below the bony part of the upper eye socket, while female brows must be positioned about 0.5.-1 cm above this margin to achieve gender appropriate results. Simply put, over-aggressive lifting of the forehead area is particularly detrimental to male patients due to its feminization effect.

Nevertheless, over-aggressive surgical maneuvers can still spell disaster for women who may end up with a perennially surprised or quizzical look, warns Dr. Karan Dhir, one of the leading Beverly Hills plastic surgeons.

Men generally require a more conservative surgical approach than women due to the gender-based definition of beauty. For this reason, minimally invasive brow lifts in which shorter scars are used are often suitable for male patients.

Some doctors feel that most men seeking brow lift will only need the tail end of their brow to be lifted since the medial or inner portion rarely descends to a significant degree.

By lifting the tail end of the brow, which is achieved by placing short bilateral incision in the temple area behind the hairline, some patients may notice that the fullness in their upper eyelids is reduced as well, further contributing to their more youthful appearance.

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