Natural Looking Brow Lift

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Natural looking brow lift can be achieved with proper patient selection and surgical planning. Instead of just lifting the sagging brow, good surgeons know that reshaping it based on the underlying anatomies and gender is also critical to produce great results.


Leading Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley says that botched or overdone brow lifts typically result from lifting the medial brow excessively, or elevating it despite that its original position is already acceptable.


natural looking brow lift

According to several studies, the ideal medial brow position is at the level or slightly below the bony orbital rim especially in men who need to preserve their “heavy” and masculine brow appearance.


For most brow lift patients, only the lateral part of the brow or “tail end” is slightly elevated, leaving most of its parts to their original position, Dr. Smiley further explains.


Another parameter to produce natural looking brow lift results, he adds, is to consider the beauty ideals of men and women. For instance, feminine brows are generally accepted to appear more arched and higher at the tail end, while male brows are more horizontally oriented and have a shorter distance between the upper eye crease and the bottom part of the brow.


Should the patients need the “inside” of their brow to be elevated, it must be done in a very conservative manner to avoid the perennially startled appearance or the quizzical expression, says Dr. Smiley.


A good number of brow lift patients can benefit from minimally invasive procedures, which may involve 3-5 small incisions behind the hairline to reshape and elevate the drooping brow. Another viable option is to place two concealed scars in the temple area, a technique that only lifts the outer 1/3 of the brow.


Instead of brow lift, Dr. Smiley suggests that sometimes an upper eyelid lift is a better option, particularly if the patients’ aesthetic goal is to open up the eyes. In this procedure, a fine scar is placed within the natural eye crease to tighten the loose skin and possibly remove some excess fat.


Dr. Smiley believes that a good number of botched brow lifts were patients who did not need them in the first place and should have received an upper eyelid lift instead.


While Botox may produce some of the brow lift’s results—i.e., this non-surgical procedure can also reshape and elevate the brow—it requires regular maintenance that adds up to the cost, he says.

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