BBL after one year

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Celebrity Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley has recently shared a photo of a patient who had BBL after one year. In general, the surgery’s longevity varies greatly from patient to patient, although most can expect to maintain their results between seven and 12 years.


BBL, which is an acronym for Brazilian buttock lift, typically involves large-volume liposuction to collect fats from multiple donor sites. After they are purified, they are injected into the buttocks and hips at a varying layer to ensure high survival rate of fat grafts.


bbl after one year

Dr. Smiley says it is also critical to inject fats not too close to the skin to minimize bruising and swelling. It should be noted that too much swelling results in additional pressure, which is the enemy of high survival rate.


Aside from meticulous surgical techniques, Dr. Smiley says that long-term results also depend on the patient’s commitment, especially in the first three weeks when the fat grafts are in their most delicate stage, as they are still developing their own blood supply and the extracellular matrix, a mesh-like anatomy that integrates the grafts with other tissues, is yet to stabilize.


“In the first three weeks postop, we ask our patients to use medical donut pillow, Boppy, or pregnancy cushion. The goal is to eliminate or at least minimize pressure on the fat grafts, thus allowing them to stabilize in their new location,” he says in a video posted on Snapchat.


“We even teach our patients on how to sit on the back of their legs, as opposed to their buttocks,” he further explained.


To further promote high survival rate, Dr. Smiley says he recommends a “special sleeping position” in the first three weeks postop.

before BBL

“Pillows are put behind the knees and back to somewhat elevate the buttocks when the patient is in supine position,” he added.


Patient commitment should also include avoiding tobacco products particularly in the first few months postop because they contain nicotine that robs the body of its oxygen, which is the key element to promote high survival rate of fat grafts.

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