BBL and Hips Appearance

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BBL, which stands for Brazilian buttock lift, is one of the most commonly performed body contouring surgeries to date. This basically combines liposuction to collect donor fats from multiple areas; the fats are then immediately purified and injected into the backside to improve its shape and fullness.


While the vast majority of patients require fat injection into their buttocks and hips, which are the outer or lateral area of the butt region, some women only want hip enhancement.


bbl and hips

Photo Credit: Dr. Tarick Smiley


Leading Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley says it is possible to enhance the hips alone or anywhere additional volume is needed.


“That is the beauty of fat grafting or fat injection. We can put them anywhere and thus we have more control over the final results. Butt implants, meanwhile, can be limiting because they are placed above the patient’s sitting area and so only the upper half of the buttock region is enhanced,” says Dr. Smiley in a previous Snapchat video.


Fat injection to hips alone is ideal for patients who have sufficient butt size but want to achieve a more hourglass physique, which is believed to be the most attractive feminine figure.


A hip alone “enhancement” may also favor women who want subtle results—i.e., they want better shape instead of additional volume or forward projection to the buttocks.


“It is important to identify each patient’s goals so we can deliver results that can make them happy,” says Dr. Smiley.


Dr. Smiley says the vast majority of his patients require both BBL and hips enhancement, which are possible with at least 800 cc of purified fats. However, people who want more augmentation may need more than 1,000 cc to achieve their desired result.


The celebrity plastic surgeon says the best donor fats come from the lower back and flanks because of two main reasons: First, because they are adjacent to the buttocks and hips they tend to have impressive survival rate, and second, sculpting the area further emphasizes the contour and projection of the backside.


Including the abdomen as a donor site further improves the patient’s physique.


“By removing the excess fats through liposuction, we can significantly improve the patient’s waist-to-hip ratio. Studies have suggested a strong preference for WHR of 0.7, meaning the waist circumference is 70 percent of hips measurement. This is seen across different cultures and demographics, says Dr. Smiley.

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