BBL surgery and scoliosis

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BBL surgery, also called Brazilian butt lift or buttock augmentation via fat grafting, is a two-step procedure: liposuction to collect fats from multiple donor sites followed by fat injection into the buttocks and hips to achieve a more feminine curve.


While fat or volume distribution is the key to achieve a more feminine silhouette—i.e., narrow waist juxtaposing the curvy hips and buttocks—symmetry also plays a critical role in patient satisfaction following BBL.


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One way to ensure a good level of symmetry (“perfect” mirror image between the left and right side is simply impossible) is to identify any existing asymmetry prior to surgery. This is particularly true for patients with scoliosis, a disorder in which the spine curves sideways.


(Note: The spine should appear straight when looking from the front.)


Orange County plastic surgery expert Dr. Tarick Smiley has previously performed BBL on a female patient with scoliosis.


The patient’s spine curved to the right and thus it appeared to have more volume compared to the left side. Hence, during liposuction Dr. Smiley removed a bit more fat to the “bulging side” to achieve a more symmetric appearance.


A meticulous performed liposuction of the flanks and lower back also allowed Dr. Smiley to reduce the appearance of skin fold caused by the sideway curve of the spine.


It should be noted that scoliosis also affects the appearance of hips, making one side appear more prominent. This asymmetry must be taken into account during fat injection so as to allow the surgeon to make some adjustment in volume distribution.


During fat injection, Dr. Smiley says that microdroplet technique is critical in creating infinitesimal compartments of fat, which allow for blood vessel ingrowth that is the key to achieve near permanent results.


Without blood vessel ingrowth, Dr. Smiley has warned that fat would simply die and become resorbed by the surrounding tissue.

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