Brazilian Butt Lift Photos: From Square to Heart Shape Derriere

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Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley has recently shared Brazilian butt lift photos demonstrating a female patient who used to complain about her square buttocks that primarily stemmed from the lack of hips.


It should be noted that patients with square buttocks, or H-shaped backside, also have thick waist line and ultimately poor waist-to-hip ratio. According to studies, there is a strong preference for WHR that is near 0.7, a predilection that is seen across different cultures and socio-economic backgrounds.


Brazilian butt lift photos

(Note: This mathematical ratio is gender specific.)


Interestingly, the 0.7 WHR is seen across different body sizes, height, and weight. From curvier stars such as Beyoncé to lithesome beauties like Natalie Portman, this ratio is seen.


To narrow the patient’s waist, Dr. Smiley performed liposuction (fat removal) around her midsection, particularly focusing on the excess fat along her flanks and lower back that contributed to the flat-looking buttocks.


Then, Dr. Smiley purified the fat before he injected it into the buttocks and hips, resulting in an inverted heart shape backside, which is generally considered to be the most feminine butt shape.


The inverted heart shape butt has a tapered waist line and more fat distribution around the hips and lower portion of the buttocks.


Right after surgery, the surgeon was able to create a WHR of 0.6, which is expected to gradually turn into something near 0.7 after the swelling around the buttocks and hips subside, and some of the fat grafts are resorbed (about 25-30 percent of the original volume).


After 3-6 months, any volume that remains is expected to be near permanent, thanks to blood supply ingrowth.


Meanwhile, Dr. Smiley has warned that any attempt to create a 0.55 WHR and below leads to fake-looking results as this “volume distribution does not occur in nature.”


“What we aim for is the creation of subtle difference with S curves. We don’t want small legs juxtaposing huge buttocks,” he says in the video.


Aside from disproportionate results, the celebrity plastic surgeon has warned that over injection could also predispose patients to increased risk of cellulites, dents, and other surface irregularities, along with risk of sagging appearance.


The key to natural results, aside from the WHR guideline, is to take into account the patient’s anatomy such as the skin elasticity, shoulder width, and height.

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