Brazilian Buttock Lift on Square Butt

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Brazilian buttock lift is basically a butt augmentation through fat injection. It always starts with liposuction to harvest unwanted fat from two or more donor sites; this critical step contributes to the more holistic contouring effect of this technique compared with butt implant surgery.


Buttocks come in different shapes and sizes, which to some extent affect the results of Brazilian butt lift. Simply put, the right candidates have cosmetic goals that are in line with what the surgery can accomplish.

The patient has square-shaped buttocks and poor waist-to-hip ratio, which Tarick Dr. Smiley improves with meticulous Brazilian butt lift.

The surgery has a certain appeal to women with square-shaped buttocks, which lead to a less feminine figure. Studies have all pointed out the most ideal female physique has a waist-to-hip ratio of 0.7, meaning the waist circumference accounts for 70 percent of the hips measurement.


The preference for 0.7 WHR is seen across all cultures; even the world’s best artworks depict women with this physique, or more commonly referred to as an hourglass figure.


Women with square-shaped buttocks have poor WHR due to their thick waist, narrow hips, and flat buttocks.


Liposuction can reduce the waist circumference, although it is critical to pay closer attention to the flanks and lower back to create a smooth inward slope. Despite the relatively thick waist, a good number of patients with square buttocks have less dispensable fat in the area. Hence, other donor sites might be considered such as the upper arms, bra rolls, and thighs.


For “average built” patients, at least 800 cc of fat on each butt is needed to see a notable improvement.


But even with large fat volume collected by liposuction, the elasticity of butt skin will still determine the degree of augmentation. A skin that is too tight resists large expansion, and too loose the patient runs the risk of sagging appearance and cellulites if over-injection has been performed.


Over-injection must also be avoided because of the increased risk of skin surface irregularities. This applies to every patient, regardless of the “starting” butt shape and size.


Despite the anatomical roadblocks facing patients with square-shaped butt, in the vast majority of cases Brazilian buttock lift can still provide impressive contouring effects provided that the surgeon is meticulous during patient selection and is adept in the surgery, as suggested by leading Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley.

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