Brazilian Buttocks Lift for Markedly Flat Backside

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Brazilian buttocks lift is a colloquial term for buttock augmentation via fat injection. This combines liposuction, which is the method to harvest the donor fats, and structural fat grafting wherein the patient’s own fat is injected to reshape and augment her “derriere.”


Leading Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley has recently posted a series of Snapchat videos demonstrating a female patient with markedly flat buttocks and narrow hips, leading to poor waist-to-hip ratio.

brazilian buttocks lift

The before photo shows flat buttocks and narrow hips, leading to poor waist to hip ratio.

Studies have suggested that the ideal WHR ratio is 0.7, or at least near this proportion. This means that the waist, which is the narrowest part of the midsection, accounts for 70 percent of the hips circumference, which is measured around the apex or most prominent aspect of the buttocks.


Across different cultures, generations, and socio-economic backgrounds, the preference for 0.7 WHR remains constant, as suggested by several studies.


Further aggravating the patient’s poor WHR was her thick waist. Hence, Dr. Smiley performed 360-degree liposuction, meaning the flanks, lower back, and anterior abdomen were all addressed.


To further achieve a smooth transition between the torso and buttocks, Dr. Smiley also performed liposuction in the upper back to eliminate the “bra rolls” that tend to become more recognizable in tight clothing.

The after photo shows fuller and curvier buttocks juxtaposing the slender flanks and lower back.

Performing liposuction on a larger surface area is the key to harvest sufficient donor fats to reshape and augment the buttocks. Nonetheless, the tightness and elasticity of butt skin would still determine the ideal fat volume.


A skin that is too tight may not allow large volume injection because it will resist expansion. On the other end of the spectrum, a skin that is too loose may lead to sagging buttocks and surface irregularities such as dents and cellulites after surgery. Hence, Dr. Smiley said “respecting and recognizing the quality of skin” is one of the keys to achieve great results.


Fortunately, the patient’s skin has the right amount of tightness and elasticity, allowing him to inject a relatively large fat volume. In general, women reuire more than 800 cc on each side to achieve noticeable improvements in the shape and projection of their buttocks.


Because the patient also had narrow hips, which are basically the lateral aspect of the buttocks, Dr. Smiley allocated about one-third of the fat volume into the area before injecting the remaining amount into the butt profile or “forward projection.”


To further promote a good WHR, Dr. Smiley focused on reshaping the upper half of the buttocks, which should carry most of the prominence if the goal is to deliver more natural-looking results. Furthermore, this “allocation” prevents or at least minimizes risk of sagging because no excessive weight is placed in the lower half cheek of the butt, which serves as a “foundation.”


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