Buttock Implants—What Is the Final Appearance?

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Buttock implants do not rupture unlike some breast implants because they are made of a solid silicone material. For this reason butt augmentation is supposed to provide near permanent results, assuming that the patients will not experience infection, shifting, and other similar complications.

Buttock implants sizes are measured in cubic centimeter and can be custom-made if the patients ask for more augmentation. However, the more enlargement they ask the higher the risk of complications such as rippling, palpability, shifting, and unnatural appearance they have to accept.


Anecdotal reports show that buttock implant sizes between 400 cc and 550 cc are enough to meet the goals and expectations of most patients without exposing them to increased risk of palpability and other stigmata of the surgery.

Aside from the size, buttock implants Los Angeles expert Dr. Tarick Smaili says the prostheses dimension should also reflect the underlying anatomies to achieve impressive results.

Going beyond the anatomical limits could lead to rippling especially around the implant’s edges, shifting, and nerve impingement, Dr. Smaili warns.

Dr. Smaili says most patients are too focused on the amount of augmentation that they almost forget about the final appearance, which includes the shape and projection.

Most buttock implants today are oval, which are suitable for patients with an elongated butt shape. However, this demographic may also benefit from a teardrop implant in which most of the volume is at the bottom portion.

Patients with a square-shaped butt, meanwhile, may benefit from round implants, which in essence are more like a flattened sphere and have less height than oval buttock implants.

Because of the way the implants are positioned—i.e., above the actual sitting area—they can only reshape and augment the upper half of the butt cheek.

On the other hand, fat grafting, or more commonly referred to as Brazilian butt lift, can reshape the entire “cheek” because the fats can be injected anywhere, including the hips if one likes to achieve a more hourglass appearance.

While buttock implants can only reshape the upper portion of the cheek, with the use of liposuction it is possible to contour the area around the buttocks—such as the back of the thigh, flanks, and midsection—to achieve a curvier figure.

Liposuction uses a few small incisions to remove the unwanted fat, which does not respond to further weight loss.

Any type of body contouring surgery is only suitable for patients who are near their ideal weight, which they maintain through superb diet and regular exercise.

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