Compression Garment after BBL

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The use of compression garment after BBL, or Brazilian butt lift, is known to minimize swelling, decrease discomfort, and promote healing and smoother contour of the liposuction sites.


Most compression garments used after BBL resemble a girdle that extends from the upper back to just above the knee. However, it has a “butt out” design, meaning it has no or very little compression or tight fabric over the buttock region.


compression garment after BBL

Leading Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley says that excessive compression on the buttocks, which are the recipient of the fat grafts, can lead to low survival rate and less than optimal results.


However, the liposuction sites can benefit from some moderate amount of compression to keep swelling to a minimum. The idea is to compress the “empty” compartments where the fat has been removed to prevent edema or excess fluids from accumulating.


The right amount of compression over the liposuction sites can also help remodel the tissue and allow the skin to heal closer to the body, which in turn promotes the smoothest results possible, says Dr. Smiley.


While each doctor has his own specific instructions on how to use compression garment after BBL, many agree that it should be worn for at least three weeks religiously, meaning it is only removed when the patient uses the toilet or takes a shower.


The garments should fit snugly over the liposuction sites, causing no discomfort and pressure problems (the fabric or elastic edges should not dig into the skin).


As the swelling resolves as the patients move forward to their recovery, it is common to switch to a smaller garment or even a Spanx-like standard girdle provided that most of the postop symptoms are gone. Meanwhile, people with redundant skin and persistent swelling will have to wear them longer.

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