How the Quality of Your Fat Affects Brazilian Buttock Lift Results

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Many surgeons agree that the growing popularity of Brazilian buttock lift can be attributed to celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner who are known for their sizeable bottoms.


Brazilian buttock lift reshapes and augments the patients’ hips and buttocks using their own fat collected through liposuction. The flanks, lower back, and anterior abdomen are traditionally considered as donor sites of fats, allowing the surgeons to create a more holistic improvement.


brazilian buttock lift

This patient has finer fat globules that make it easier to achieve smooth results from Brazilian buttock lift.


Leading Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley has recently demonstrated the surgery on his Snapchat. The patient shown in the series of videos had flat buttocks, narrow hips, and dents at the lower aspect of the butt cheek, all of which had been improved by the surgery.


Dr. Smiley collected large volume of fat in multiple liposuction sites that included the flanks, lower back, tummy, “bra rolls,” and armpit.


In the video, the celebrity plastic surgeon said the quality and quantify of fat has a large influence on the results of Brazilian buttock lift.


“Some patients have more fibrous fats, while others have smoother, finer fat globules. It is easier to create smooth results when the fat globules are smaller and finer,” he said.


Furthermore, Dr. Smiley said the use of finer fat globules during surgery promotes higher survival rate particularly when they are injected into a highly vascularized area (containing more blood vessels).


“Just like in skin graft, during Brazilian buttock lift when the fat grafts are placed in which there is more contact with the blood supply and are injected into a larger surface area, we can expect high survival rate,” Dr. Smiley further explained.


To collect finer fat globules during liposuction, Dr. Smiley said the use of microcannula is especially critical. This is a hollowed steel tube with an outside diameter of 2 mm or less.


Microcannula not just creates smooth contours of the buttocks and hips; it also prevents surface irregularities on the liposuction sites because it removes fats in smaller bits rather than in bigger chunks.


Aside from the quality of fat, its quantify also affects the final results. Hence, Dr. Smiley said that thin patients in general can only expect subtle to moderate improvements particularly in the amount of projection of their buttocks.


However, Dr. Smiley said that thin patients tend to achieve a more pronounced roundedness especially on the posterior view of their buttocks after surgery.

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