Right Tools and Techniques to Achieve Smooth BBL Results

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The Brazilian butt lift or BBL results will primarily depend on the surgeon’s qualifications, which include his education, training, experience, and arguably the most critical variable: board certification.


Inland Empire plastic surgery expert Dr. Tarick Smiley says the general rule of thumb is to choose a surgeon who is a member of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, which is the only board certifying body recognized by health authorities.


Apart from the surgeon’s qualification, BBL results will also depend on his “tools” and surgical techniques, Dr. Smiley said in his recent Snapchat video.


The celebrity plastic surgeon has explained the tools that help him achieve smooth and proportionate BBL results.

bbl results

  • Surgical fork


One female patient had large lateral indentation on her buttocks. This “depression” is typically caused fascia or thread-like anatomy that is pulling the skin inward. Hence, her surgery required the use of a “fork.”


A surgical “fork” is a long slender tube whose tip has two prongs to “release” the skin tethering through a small round incision. Dr. Smiley said it is important not to “overdo the process” to prevent “herniation” and skin asymmetries.


  • Liposuction microcannula (hollowed steel tube attached to a vacuum pump)


All BBL surgeries start with liposuction in which large amounts of unwanted fats are collected from two or more donor sites. Doctors may choose large or standard cannula, or microcannula during this process.


Microcannula removes smaller bits of fat; therefore the process of fat extraction (i.e., liposuction) becomes longer although at least they give surgeons greater precision compared to large cannulas.


Large cannulas (4-5 mm outside diameter), meanwhile, remove large masses of fat and so the perceived risk of skin asymmetries and other untoward side effects of over-correction is higher.


The use of microcannula is also ideal when treating the back area (bra rolls, flanks, and lower back), which is notorious for its fibrous fat.


  • Laser light


The use of laser light allows Dr. Smiley to achieve the highest level of symmetry in terms of forward projection and overall shape of the buttocks.

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