Sculptra for Buttocks—Who Are the Good Candidates?

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Sculptra for buttocks is a minimally invasive procedure that uses an FDA-approved injectable material that triggers more collagen production, resulting in up to fourfold increase in soft tissue volume.


Dr. Tarick Smiley, a prominent Los Angeles plastic surgeon, says the right candidate for Sculptra injection is determined by the underlying anatomies, cosmetic goals, and “acceptable tradeoffs.”


sculptra for buttocks

Dr. Smiley says lots of Sculptra vials are needed during buttock enhancement to achieve the desired outcome.

* Patients who do not have enough fat to undergo fat transfer buttock augmentation, or more commonly referred to as Brazilian buttock lift, is a good candidate for Sculptra.


Nonetheless, most surgeons would first still consider fat transfer before they would recommend Sculptra or any other filler material because fat provides near permanent results for almost the same price.


Dr. Smiley says that Sculptra’s results can only last an average of 3-4 years.


* Patients who can’t or don’t want surgery. Fat transfer to the buttocks often requires large volume liposuction or multiple donor sites to achieve the desired results. While this concomitant surgery results in a more holistic improvement of the physique, this entails 2-3 weeks of recovery.


Sculptra for buttocks, meanwhile, is performed under local anesthesia because it does not involve liposuction. Thus, most patients can return home about an hour after their procedure.


* Patients who want subtle to moderate improvement might be a good candidate for Sculptra injection. The amount of augmentation is quite conservative, although most can expect a rounder backside; this is particularly true when the surgeon focus on the lateral buttock, which anatomically speaking is the hips.


Meanwhile, fat transfer remains the best approach if one desires for bigger augmentation and more pronounced curves. Fortunately, the concomitant liposuction in the lower back and flanks makes these goals easier to achieve.


* The ideal candidate should understand that unlike fat transfer in which the results are near permanent (12-15 years), Sculptra is resorbed after 3-4 years and so it requires a more regular touch-up if one likes to maintain the curvier appearance of her buttocks.

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