The Brazilian Buttock Lift Effects

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The Brazilian buttock lift effects may differ from patient to patient, depending on their cosmetic goals, their “starting” anatomy (e.g., body frame), and the amount of “disposable” fat (or the fat that can be harvested through liposuction and later injected into their “backside”). Of course, the surgeon’s skillset will also play a significant role on the long-term success of the surgery.


Basically, Brazilian buttock lift (BBL) is buttock augmentation via fat injection or fat grafting. It always starts with liposuction to collect adequate amounts of fat from two or more sites; the fat is then purified before it is injected into the buttocks and hips to achieve a more feminine physique.


brazilian buttock lift effects

Compared to buttock implants which can only reshape and augment the upper half of the butt, Brazilian buttock lift gives doctors more control over the final result as the fat can also be injected into the lateral side (hips), lower aspect of the butt cheek, and dents and other skin irregularities.


The “overall” Brazilian buttock lift effects—i.e., body proportions—will also depend on liposuction. Hence, leading Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley almost always harvests fat from the lower back and flanks to further improve the butt shape and projection. Other common donor sites include the bra rolls, outer thigh, and anterior abdomen.


Dr. Smiley, who regularly posts before-and-after photos of his actual patients on Snapchat, says it is not uncommon for women to name-drop a celebrity to describe their “booty goal.”


For instance, the leading plastic surgeon says that patients who bring Kylie Jenner’s photo as their “booty goal” often have one specific goal in mind—achieve a heart-shaped backside. This is typically accomplished by injecting more fats into the upper aspect of the buttock and hips and so the backside tapers downward into a pair of slender legs.


Jessica Biel’s backside, meanwhile, is popular among patients who are more into shape improvement than the actual size. On the other end of the spectrum, women who bring photos of Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj as their “booty goal” generally ask for extreme results.


While the patient’s cosmetic goals are a critical component when reshaping and augmenting her backside, Dr. Smiley says that the “starting” anatomy must be respected nonetheless to prevent sagging appearance, cellulites, dents, and other skin irregularities.


“The fascia, which connects the skin and muscle and gives the buttock its shape and perky appearance, should not in anyway be compromised during surgery. The problem with over-injection is that the excessive weight of the fat and the over-stretching of skin causes poor shape and skin irregularities,” he says in his previous Snapchat post.

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