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The surgeons’ collection of mommy makeover before and after pictures can shed light on their technical and artistic dexterity. The results should look natural and proportionate to the patient’s body, with no blatant signs of plastic surgery such as skin and contour irregularities and poor scars.


Leading Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley says mommy makeover, or multiple plastic surgeries to improve post-pregnancy bodies, has seen a dramatic increase over the past several years.


mommy makeover before and after pictures

Dr. Smiley combines breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck, and flank liposuction to achieve holistic improvement in the patient’s physique.


Recently, Dr. Smiley has posted mommy makeover before and after pictures of a patient who has had breast augmentation with lift and tummy tuck with liposuction of the flank.


Breast lift was deemed a critical auxiliary procedure of breast augmentation. Without correcting the pre-existing ptosis (sagging of the tissue), the implants may settle too low and/or the Snoopy breast deformity may occur in which the patient appears to have two sets of inframammary fold.


Due to the patient’s significant breast ptosis, she required the standard or anchor breast lift in which incisions were made around the areola, down the midline, and across the base of the breast.


Aside from elevating the tissue with internal sutures, the anchor breast lift also allowed areolar reduction, resulting in more attractive breast appearance.


Dr. Smiley then inserted an implant in each breast pocket, ensuring that it would lie centrally behind the areolar complex; this placement results in a teardrop shape that is the quintessence of attractive, youthful breasts.


Afterwards, he performed liposuction of the flanks with the creation of small round puncture wounds were a cannula or flexible hollowed tube was inserted and moved back and forth. The idea was to remove “troublesome fats,” which would then allow him to tighten and pull more skin centrally, making it easier to achieve a narrower waistline.


After contouring the flanks, Dr. Smiley created hip-to-hip incisions made very low so the resulting tummy tuck scar would be hidden by the patient’s underwear.


Dr. Smiley used a highly customized tummy tuck to achieve natural results. He incorporated muscle repair for flatter and narrowing “effects” on the waistline, and navel repair to correct its unusually wide appearance.

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Mommy makeover is a combination of two or more surgeries to improve a woman’s post-pregnancy body. Examples of the most common procedures include tummy tuck to tighten the abdomen, some type of breast enhancement to correct the sagging or empty-looking upper breast pole, and liposuction of the abdomen and flanks.


To shed light on the issue, renowned body contouring plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley has shown some photo samples of his best mommy makeover results.


Patient 1


Patient no. 1 sought Dr. Smiley’s expertise to correct her barrel-shaped abdomen caused by previous pregnancies. Instead of just removing the excess fat, the celebrity plastic surgeon has also tightened the pair of vertical muscle running between the sternum and the pubis area.


With muscle repair, Dr. Smiley was able to create a corset-like effect, which has been further complemented by liposuction of the flanks. The idea was to create a smoother, more feminine curve between the hips and the waist.


To further achieve a more feminine waistline, the surgeon also created a new smaller navel.


Patient 2


Patient no. 2 received breast lift and tummy tuck, a common mommy makeover combo. She has been considered as a good candidate for breast lift alone approach (no implants) because her “starting” anatomy involved having a sufficient breast tissue coverage; hence, by simply transposing some of the lower pole tissue into the upper pole Dr. Smiley was able to create better mid and upper cleavage.


Like most patients of Dr. Smiley, she also had muscle repair during her tummy tuck. This is a critical step to eliminate the fullness of her anterior abdomen and to correct the barrel-shaped torso.


Patient 3


Patient no. 3 received tummy tuck complemented by liposuction of the flanks, navel repair, muscle plication/repair, and pubis lift. It is important to note that the mons pubis may sag due to pregnancy, weight fluctuation, or aging.


The idea of a simultaneous pubis lift is to create a smooth transition between the lower abdomen and the mons pubis. This is done by re-anchoring the mons into the deeper tissue before the hip-to-hip incision is closed with sutures.


Just like the rest of Dr. Smiley’s patients, her tummy tuck scar is positioned very low that it is concealed even by a scanty or low-cut underwear. With time, the scar is almost always expected to fade into the background.

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Mommy makeover surgery is any combination of body contouring surgeries performed simultaneously to improve the post-pregnancy body of patients. Common combination procedures include tummy tuck with liposuction of flanks, tummy tuck with some type of breast enhancement, and breast lift with implants.


The results of body contouring surgeries are near permanent, provided that the patient manages her weight through regular exercise and superb diet. It is important to note that fad diets and pills almost always don’t work long term and so weight management should be a lifelong commitment, says leading Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley.


mommy makeover surgery pictures

After muscle repair, precise skin removal, and liposuction along the flanks, this patient is ecstatic with the results.

To shed light on the issue, Dr. Smiley has recently posted several mommy makeover surgery pictures on his Snapchat.


One patient received tummy tuck to remove the redundant skin between her mid and lower abdomen. To further achieve a flatter contour, the underlying muscle between the sternum and below the navel was tightened with the use of internal permanent sutures known for their additional strength (compared with absorbable sutures).


To further achieve a more feminine silhouette—i.e., cinching effect on her waistline—she also received liposuction along her flanks. Dr. Smiley started off the surgery with this procedure so he could tighten and pull more skin during tummy tuck.


When looked closely, the “after” photo (taken six months postop) reveals some muscle definition, which contributes to the more athletic but still feminine appearance of the abdomen. Furthermore, the new navel looks smaller and more proportionate compared with the “before” photos.


mommy makeover surgery pictures

Tummy tuck and breast lift give this patient a more feminine and more youthful physique.

The second sample of mommy makeover surgery pictures shows a patient who had tummy tuck and breast lift performed simultaneously. Due to her underlying anatomy—there is a great distance between the lowest rib and hip—Dr. Smiley was able to significantly “reshape the sides” or flanks, leading to the hourglass appearance of her body.


And as seen from the “after” photos, tummy tuck has given her a flatter tummy, a significant improvement from her previous barrel-shaped torso.


To further complement the cinching effect of tummy tuck, she also had a breast lift in which her actual breast tissue, not just the skin alone, was elevated and reshaped with the use of internal sutures. Aside from the perkier appearance, Dr. Smiley has also created better cleavage and additional upper pole fullness of the breast.

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There is a growing mommy makeover trend: Today’s patients are more well versed in plastic surgery that they are demanding for more natural and more proportionate results.


Mommy makeover surgery, which is basically a marketing term, refers to multiple surgery procedures that restore or at least improve the post-pregnancy bodies of patients. Leading Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley says the most common “combination surgery” involves tummy tuck and some type of breast enhancement.


mommy makeover trend

Dr. Smiley, who regularly posts Snapchat videos to spread patient awareness and to share his knowledge with medical students and colleagues, has provided a list of mommy makeover trend that generally favors “subtle” and “realistic” results.


  • Curvier and slender waist with tummy tuck


In the past, most patients simply wanted the removal of their apron-like skin that hangs from their abdomen. But nowadays, women are more fastidious in terms of cosmetic results—they want the “corset effect” on their waistline.


To achieve a curvier and more defined waistline, Dr. Smiley highlights the importance of suturing the pair of splayed abdominal muscle, which prior to pregnancy is lined up closely side-by-side.


But during pregnancy that causes the abdominal wall to expand, the fascia (connective tissue) holding it together becomes weak, leading to a gap that could even become palpable. This gap is also causing the barrel-shaped waist that used to have an hourglass figure.


For additional contouring effect, Dr. Smiley pulls and tightens the abdominal skin “centrally.” And if needed, he also performs liposuction of the flanks to achieve a more hourglass figure.


  • Breast augmentation beyond size increase


Modern breast augmentation is focused not just on size increase, but also on the final shape and projection. The goal is to achieve the most natural results possible, which all boils down to implants settling in their most ideal position.


Due to the growing demand for natural and “realistic” breast augmentation results, it is now commonly performed together with breast lift. The idea is to achieve optimal breast shape so the “fullness” will look natural.


Dr. Smiley warns that failure to address pre-existing sagging or asymmetry can lead to surgical stigmata like “Snoopy deformity,” excessive lateral bulge, and bottomed-out appearance.


Aside from breast lift, other common ancillary procedures of implants include areola reduction and fat transfer.


  • Fat transfer for a more feminine figure


Fat transfer has revolutionized the way surgeons perform body contouring surgery, particularly buttock augmentation.


The growing popularity of fat transfer is attributed to the refinements in the purification techniques, allowing surgeons to increase the survival rate to more than 70 percent. It is important to note that any amount that remains about three months after injection is expected to persist long term.


Fat transfer as a way to augment the buttock is also a powerful body contouring procedure. Because it involves liposuction (in order to harvest the “unwanted” fats), it can contour the waistline at the same time, which in turn results in a more hourglass figure.

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Mommy makeover recovery tips all aim to keep the swelling, bruising, and pain to a minimum. Nonetheless, the “specifics” may differ from patient to patient due variables such as individual health, type of surgeries involved, and presence of risk factors (e.g., longer operative time and medical conditions).


Leading Los Angeles plastic surgery expert Dr. Tarick Smiley has shared his mommy makeover recovery tips that can help patients bounce back quick after their operation.


mommy makeover recovery tips

Photo Credit: Exparel website

(Note: All his patients are required to pass lab screening to ensure that they can handle mommy makeover surgery, which is basically a combination of two or more procedures that aim to reverse the effects of pregnancy. For most of his patients, some type of breast enhancement with tummy tuck is the most common “combo surgery.”)


  • Exparel


Keeping the amount of postop pain is one of the critical factors that can guarantee a quick recovery. When patients feel no or very little pain, they breathe better and move with more ease, which then promote healing.


Dr. Smiley injects Exparel into the abdominal muscle right after tummy tuck surgery when the patient is still on the operating table. This drug contains bupivacaine, which causes temporary numbness in the area and so the patient relies less on oral painkillers, which may cause nausea, lethargy, and constipation.


Exparel can numb the injection site for up to four days, says the leading plastic surgeon.


  • Committed carer


Multiple surgeries typically entail a more challenging recovery as compared to “single operation.” Hence, it becomes more important than ever to have a competent adult who is committed to stay with the patient for at least 1-2 days after surgery.


Occasionally, it is more ideal to stay for a few days in a licensed recovery facility, which is staffed by specially trained medical professionals who will monitor the patient’s health before she is able to return home to recover.

It is important to note that for 2-3 weeks, the patient’s main focus should be her recovery. For this reason, she needs someone to take care of her small children and do all the daily chores until she has recovered fully to do all these tasks without compromising her healing.


  • List of supplies


Dr. Smiley provides all his patients with a list of supplies they will need for their recovery. This can range from ready-to-eat foods, bottled water, pain medications, to compression garments

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Recovery from mommy makeover surgery—a combination of body contouring procedures that can reverse the effects of pregnancy—may vary greatly from patient to patient. Nonetheless, patients are generally advised to avoid strenuous activities and heavy lifting for six weeks to prevent healing problems.


Leading Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley says most of the pain will come from muscle repair performed during tummy tuck, a surgery that contours the frontal and lateral aspect of the waist. The discomfort from breast enhancement such as breast lift and augmentation, meanwhile, is much easier to control.


recovery from mommy makeover surgery

To minimize the postop pain resulting from tummy tuck, which in turn can promote healing, Dr. Smiley says he always injects Exparel into the abdominal muscle at the very end of his surgery. The effects of this numbing medication can last for up to four days, allowing his patients to reduce their use of narcotics or even avoid them altogether.


In the first few days postop, Dr. Smiley recommends his patients to arrange for help at home so they can focus on their recovery instead of stressing over routine chores like childcare, cooking, driving kids, etc. Simply put, they need all the help they can get during the initial healing phase.


Taking care of small children (under the age of 2) at home is particularly discouraged during the initial healing stage. For this reason, mommy makeover really requires advanced planning for a more convenient recovery.


Patients should also expect lethargy that can last 4-6 weeks and so they may need to sleep more; additionally, they may lack the energy to do their usual activities, he adds.


In general, young patients bounce back sooner than older patients, although recovery from mommy makeover surgery still boils down to individual healing. For this reason, the celebrity plastic surgeon requires lab screening to ensure that they are healthy enough to handle the surgery and the ensuing recovery.


When going back to “desk” work, Dr. Smiley typically recommends 1-2 weeks off; however, some patients file for a longer leave or choose to work part time until they regain their preoperative energy level, which can take up to six weeks.

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