Mommy Makeover

Mommy makeover procedures are body contouring techniques that reverse the effects of pregnancy—e.g., sagging breasts and apron-like skin that hangs from the abdomen. Tummy tuck, breast lift, and breast augmentation best exemplify these surgeries.


Oftentimes, plastic surgeons who use the term mommy makeover refer to a combination of two or more surgeries.


mommy makeover procedures


Leading Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley has recently posted on Snapchat before-and-after photos of one patient who has had extensive mommy makeover procedures: breast implant, breast lift, flank liposuction, and tummy tuck.


Multiple procedures surgery is a reasonable approach provided that its estimated blood loss and the time under general anesthesia are within the standard safety limit.


Most surgeons agree that a surgery performed within 4-5 hours is reasonably safe, while going beyond this duration may lead to increased risk of certain complications. Consequently, some patients may need a team of plastic surgeons who can work simultaneously on them to shorten the operation time.


Blood loss is another issue with mommy makeover procedures and other multiple surgeries. Specifically, the main concern is the drastic fluid shift, which can lead to longer and tougher recovery, and higher risk of healing problems.


To keep blood loss to a minimum, Dr. Smiley says that prior to making incisions he injects epinephrine into the tissue; this is a drug that constricts blood vessels and thus it is particularly ideal in tummy tuck, which typically removes huge redundant skin hanging from the abdomen.


The use of epinephrine is also ideal in large volume liposuction.


Another auspicious benefit of epinephrine: It prolongs the numbing effects of local anesthesia, which in turn allows the patient to avoid or take less oral painkillers within the first few days of their recovery.


Aside from a well-thought planning and a meticulous surgical execution, Dr. Smiley says the safety of mommy makeover procedures also boils down to identifying the right candidates.


Instead of going by the BMI, which Dr. Smiley says is not always an accurate criterion, the surgeon puts more importance on the patient’s physical fitness and willingness to follow a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, he recommends all his patients to pass a lab screening.


Furthermore, Dr. Smiley says multiple plastic surgeries or combo procedures entail more emphasis on patient safety due to the perceived challenges. For this reason, he only works with board-certified anesthesiologists and qualified medical staff during surgery.

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The safety of mommy makeover surgery is the utmost priority of any prudent surgeon. While it is true that combo procedures may pose some challenges due to the possibility of increased bleeding and higher surgical trauma, leading Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley says there are well-established parameters that promote patient welfare.


Mommy makeover surgery is any combination of body contouring surgeries designed to improve the patient’s post-pregnancy body. While it involves a highly customized approach, it usually combines some type of breast enhancement and tummy tuck.


safety of mommy makeover surgery

This patient’s surgery involves tummy tuck and breast implant with lift, a combo procedure that typically takes 3-4 hours.


Dr. Smiley says that most combo surgeries involving the breasts and tummy are completed 3-4 hours, which is within the “safe operative time.” Medical literature has shown that the operative time is an independent predictor of complication, with one study concluding that after 4.5 hours of surgery the risks could triple.


The study, which was conducted at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas, has also shown that after about seven hours, the risk of complication could increase by up 4.7 times.


Hence, a more extensive mommy makeover might be performed in stages to minimize risk of complications, as suggested by experts.


To further promote patient safety, Dr. Smiley highlights the importance of performing surgeries attended by a board-certified anesthesiologist, who not just administers the anesthesia, but also monitors critical life functions such as oxygen level, breathing, blood pressure, and heart rate.


Of course, the safety of mommy makeover surgery also largely depends on the attending plastic surgeons. With the proliferation of professional organizations and board-certifying bodies, Dr. Smiley says that the American Board of Plastic Surgery remains the “gold standard” as all its members have passed rigorous background check, training, and oral and written exams which they are required to take every 10 years.


He says that members of this prestigious medical board must adhere to strict rules specifically created to protect patient wellbeing and to promote safety. For instance, they can only perform their surgeries in an accredited operating room.


Unfortunately, most state laws allow any doctor to offer cosmetic surgery even if he has no specific training in such a highly niche practice. In fact, some podiatrists, oral surgeons, and obstetricians have been operating “beauty clinics” that offer breast augmentation and facelift, which is a detriment to public safety and health.


Some states such as New York even allow non-specialist doctors to perform cosmetic surgeries without being accompanied by a nurse or an anesthesiologist.


Hence, Dr. Smiley says that as a prudent consumer, one must verify his or her plastic surgeon’s certifications by the ABPS. Other reputable specialty professional organizations include the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.


And lastly, the use of innovative technologies and techniques has bolstered patient safety during combo plastic surgeries, says Dr. Smiley. One good example is the Cell Saver, a piece of equipment that collects red blood cells that are re-infused into the patient while still on the operating table and thus keeps blood loss to a minimum.

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Mommy makeover is an informal, non-medical term describing a combination of two or more body contouring surgeries to improve a woman’s post-pregnancy figure. While it is a highly customized procedure, it typically combines the following: tummy tuck with some type of breast enhancement; breast implants with lift; and tummy tuck with a concurrent flank liposuction.


Celebrity Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley has recently shared mommy makeover before and after photos of one patient who remains happy with her results years after her surgery.


mommy makeover before and after photos


Two years ago this patient had mommy makeover surgery that consisted of breast augmentation, tummy tuck, and flank liposuction, leading to an hourglass figure that is the quintessence of feminine beauty.


The after photo, which the patient sent to Dr. Smiley’s staff, shows that with proper diet and regular exercise, the results of mommy makeover surgery can persist long term. Furthermore, there was no visible scar even though the patient was clad in a scanty see through bikini.


Dr. Smiley says that he makes every effort to place the tummy tuck scar, which usually goes from hip to hip and has a curved shape, beneath the bikini area to hide the surgical stigmata. Furthermore, he closes the wound in several rows of absorbable sutures, without picking up the skin that is only held together by a surgical tape.


And with no or very little tension on the skin, the vast majority of his patients can expect that their tummy tuck scars fade into the background.


Most of Dr. Smiley’s tummy tucks also incorporate navel repair (e.g., reducing its size or turning an outie into an innie). He performs this with the creation of an incision in which the resulting scar settles deep inside the belly button.


“The belly button is the most important anatomy in tummy tuck because it is the most visible,” Dr. Smiley says in his recent Snapchat video.


Meanwhile, the patient’s breast augmentation also resulted in an invisible scar.


Dr. Smiley says he prefers the peri-areolar technique in which the scar is made precisely at the dark-light skin junction where the scar “heals and fades nicely.”


While the final scar appearance depends on genetic predisposition to a certain degree, Dr. Smiley says that “proper care” can also make a huge difference; these should always include sun protection for a minimum of six months and the use of silicone gel sheets while the scar has not yet achieved its “full maturity.”

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The surgeons’ collection of mommy makeover before and after pictures can shed light on their technical and artistic dexterity. The results should look natural and proportionate to the patient’s body, with no blatant signs of plastic surgery such as skin and contour irregularities and poor scars.


Leading Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley says mommy makeover, or multiple plastic surgeries to improve post-pregnancy bodies, has seen a dramatic increase over the past several years.


mommy makeover before and after pictures

Dr. Smiley combines breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck, and flank liposuction to achieve holistic improvement in the patient’s physique.


Recently, Dr. Smiley has posted mommy makeover before and after pictures of a patient who has had breast augmentation with lift and tummy tuck with liposuction of the flank.


Breast lift was deemed a critical auxiliary procedure of breast augmentation. Without correcting the pre-existing ptosis (sagging of the tissue), the implants may settle too low and/or the Snoopy breast deformity may occur in which the patient appears to have two sets of inframammary fold.


Due to the patient’s significant breast ptosis, she required the standard or anchor breast lift in which incisions were made around the areola, down the midline, and across the base of the breast.


Aside from elevating the tissue with internal sutures, the anchor breast lift also allowed areolar reduction, resulting in more attractive breast appearance.


Dr. Smiley then inserted an implant in each breast pocket, ensuring that it would lie centrally behind the areolar complex; this placement results in a teardrop shape that is the quintessence of attractive, youthful breasts.


Afterwards, he performed liposuction of the flanks with the creation of small round puncture wounds were a cannula or flexible hollowed tube was inserted and moved back and forth. The idea was to remove “troublesome fats,” which would then allow him to tighten and pull more skin centrally, making it easier to achieve a narrower waistline.


After contouring the flanks, Dr. Smiley created hip-to-hip incisions made very low so the resulting tummy tuck scar would be hidden by the patient’s underwear.


Dr. Smiley used a highly customized tummy tuck to achieve natural results. He incorporated muscle repair for flatter and narrowing “effects” on the waistline, and navel repair to correct its unusually wide appearance.

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Mommy makeover is a combination of two or more surgeries to improve a woman’s post-pregnancy body. Examples of the most common procedures include tummy tuck to tighten the abdomen, some type of breast enhancement to correct the sagging or empty-looking upper breast pole, and liposuction of the abdomen and flanks.


To shed light on the issue, renowned body contouring plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley has shown some photo samples of his best mommy makeover results.


Patient 1


Patient no. 1 sought Dr. Smiley’s expertise to correct her barrel-shaped abdomen caused by previous pregnancies. Instead of just removing the excess fat, the celebrity plastic surgeon has also tightened the pair of vertical muscle running between the sternum and the pubis area.


With muscle repair, Dr. Smiley was able to create a corset-like effect, which has been further complemented by liposuction of the flanks. The idea was to create a smoother, more feminine curve between the hips and the waist.


To further achieve a more feminine waistline, the surgeon also created a new smaller navel.


Patient 2


Patient no. 2 received breast lift and tummy tuck, a common mommy makeover combo. She has been considered as a good candidate for breast lift alone approach (no implants) because her “starting” anatomy involved having a sufficient breast tissue coverage; hence, by simply transposing some of the lower pole tissue into the upper pole Dr. Smiley was able to create better mid and upper cleavage.


Like most patients of Dr. Smiley, she also had muscle repair during her tummy tuck. This is a critical step to eliminate the fullness of her anterior abdomen and to correct the barrel-shaped torso.


Patient 3


Patient no. 3 received tummy tuck complemented by liposuction of the flanks, navel repair, muscle plication/repair, and pubis lift. It is important to note that the mons pubis may sag due to pregnancy, weight fluctuation, or aging.


The idea of a simultaneous pubis lift is to create a smooth transition between the lower abdomen and the mons pubis. This is done by re-anchoring the mons into the deeper tissue before the hip-to-hip incision is closed with sutures.


Just like the rest of Dr. Smiley’s patients, her tummy tuck scar is positioned very low that it is concealed even by a scanty or low-cut underwear. With time, the scar is almost always expected to fade into the background.

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Mommy makeover surgery is any combination of body contouring surgeries performed simultaneously to improve the post-pregnancy body of patients. Common combination procedures include tummy tuck with liposuction of flanks, tummy tuck with some type of breast enhancement, and breast lift with implants.


The results of body contouring surgeries are near permanent, provided that the patient manages her weight through regular exercise and superb diet. It is important to note that fad diets and pills almost always don’t work long term and so weight management should be a lifelong commitment, says leading Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley.


mommy makeover surgery pictures

After muscle repair, precise skin removal, and liposuction along the flanks, this patient is ecstatic with the results.

To shed light on the issue, Dr. Smiley has recently posted several mommy makeover surgery pictures on his Snapchat.


One patient received tummy tuck to remove the redundant skin between her mid and lower abdomen. To further achieve a flatter contour, the underlying muscle between the sternum and below the navel was tightened with the use of internal permanent sutures known for their additional strength (compared with absorbable sutures).


To further achieve a more feminine silhouette—i.e., cinching effect on her waistline—she also received liposuction along her flanks. Dr. Smiley started off the surgery with this procedure so he could tighten and pull more skin during tummy tuck.


When looked closely, the “after” photo (taken six months postop) reveals some muscle definition, which contributes to the more athletic but still feminine appearance of the abdomen. Furthermore, the new navel looks smaller and more proportionate compared with the “before” photos.


mommy makeover surgery pictures

Tummy tuck and breast lift give this patient a more feminine and more youthful physique.

The second sample of mommy makeover surgery pictures shows a patient who had tummy tuck and breast lift performed simultaneously. Due to her underlying anatomy—there is a great distance between the lowest rib and hip—Dr. Smiley was able to significantly “reshape the sides” or flanks, leading to the hourglass appearance of her body.


And as seen from the “after” photos, tummy tuck has given her a flatter tummy, a significant improvement from her previous barrel-shaped torso.


To further complement the cinching effect of tummy tuck, she also had a breast lift in which her actual breast tissue, not just the skin alone, was elevated and reshaped with the use of internal sutures. Aside from the perkier appearance, Dr. Smiley has also created better cleavage and additional upper pole fullness of the breast.

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