Korean Woman Gets Plastic Surgery to Look Like Miranda Kerr

California Surgical Institute @ May 28, 2014 # No Comment Yet

A Korean woman has admitted getting a series of plastic surgery in an attempt to look like her celebrity idol Miranda Kerr who is known as one of Victoria Secret’s popular angels.  While now that she looks like the model’s long-lost twin sister, some people still think that her “inspiration” to go under the knife is an unhealthy one. Hong Yuh Reum, who is now a budding model, has appeared on a Japanese TV show that tackles the issue of extreme plastic surgery and told the audience that seeing Kerr for the first time in a magazine inspired her to undergo surgical enhancements. “I knew I wanted to be like […]

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Woman Undergoes Plastic Surgery to Avoid Arrest

California Surgical Institute @ March 17, 2014 # No Comment Yet

It is increasingly becoming a common news: fugitives undergoing extensive plastic surgery to avoid arrests, with some of them even resorting to do-it-yourself procedure such as the story of one Japanese man who cut his own lips. According to local news in China, a woman has changed her appearance through eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty (nose job) in an attempt to evade police authorities who were looking after her. It has been reported that the 21-year-old fugitive and two of her accomplice were under police surveillance over a report that they were engaged in blackmailing a victim of the so-called “badger game” wherein the male target was tricked into some kind […]

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What’s the Fuss About Vampire Facelift?

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Now that vampire-themed movies and television series are the in thing, a new type of facial rejuvenation procedure called vampire facelift is getting a lot of attention these days, with some Hollywood celebrities even swearing by it. But what really is a vampire facelift?  Does it deserve the media hype, or is it nothing but a misnomer? Despite its namesake, a vampire facelift is different from the traditional facelift surgery in which the goal is to lift and reshape the skin and deeper tissue in an attempt to minimize the appearance of facial aging, e.g., wrinkles and saggy skin. The basic idea behind the procedure is to take a sample […]

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Round Head Plastic Surgery Attracts More South Koreans

California Surgical Institute @ December 15, 2013 # No Comment Yet

While South Koreans have long been known as the most ardent patrons of cosmetic plastic surgery, outsiders may still find it surprising that a procedure in which the shape of the head is “enhanced” and turned into a rounder shape is gaining popularity in the country. Called as the round head plastic surgery, the aim is to correct the flat or “deflated” back of the head through the use of a small discreet incision that will allow surgeons to attach a type of bone cement, which weighs 20 to 80 grams.  Some patients requesting for the procedure has a condition called plagiocephaly or “flat head syndrome,” which is often corrected […]

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Plastic Surgery for Perma-Smile—A New Trend in Korea

California Surgical Institute @ August 28, 2013 # No Comment Yet

Why would anyone want to undergo a plastic surgery procedure in which the goal is to plaster a permanent smile on her face? Apparently, some women in Korea, which is dubbed as the plastic surgery capital of the world, are even asking for the procedure called the “smile surgery” that lifts the corners of their mouths.  According to previous reports, most patients requested for it after receiving criticism from work because of their “unfriendly” expression. While a vast majority of patients are women in their 20s and 30s, a growing number of men are also persuaded to undergo the procedure. One clinic that offers the procedure, Aone Plastic & Aesthetic […]

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Man Pays Ex’s Breast Implants, Wants Reimbursement

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As outrageous as it may sound, a man is suing his former girlfriend in an effort to reimburse the $8,000 he spent for her breast implants after his “investment” allegedly broke up with him after the surgery, according to a news story published by the breakingworldnewstoday.com. Molovik Lukasz, the disgruntled ex-lover, said he wants immediate reimbursement for the money he paid for the breast augmentation of his former girlfriend, Patricia Pajak, 24. Pajak, who is a model, is aghast over the lawsuit, claiming that it was her ex boyfriend who pressured her into getting breast implants to achieve the double D.  Allegedly, she acquiesced from his constant bickering and “unsolicited” […]

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Japanese Woman Transforms Herself Into a French Doll with Plastic Surgery

California Surgical Institute @ May 13, 2013 # No Comment Yet

A Japanese woman has spent more than $100,000 in plastic surgery procedures in an attempt to look like a French doll, a goal that started when she was young and being bullied because of her appearance. In an interview with Watashi no Nani ga Ikenai no? (Is There Something Wrong with Me?), Vanilla Chamu said she works as a hostess to save money and spend it on the expensive plastic surgery procedures, with the aim to look like a French doll, which has always been popular in Japan. Chamu is not the first person who has used plastic surgery to transform herself to look like anime characters or “inanimate” objects […]

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Glamour Model Wants Bigger Breast Implants to Break the World Record

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Glamour Model Lacey Wildd’s motto “go big or go home” applies to every facet of her life, including breast implants.  In a recent interview with Daily Mail, the 44-year-old mother said she is planning another operation to increase her LLL cup into MMM, making her on the top five list of women with the biggest augmented breasts in the world. The mother of six has had 12 breast surgeries that allowed her to have the seventh largest augmented breasts in the world.  And despite suffering from discomfort and two torn vertebrae, and being unable to perform even the simplest exercise, she is willing to take more risks just to achieve […]

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Court Finds Egyptian MP Guilty of Plastic Surgery Lie

Cosmetic Surgery Blogger @ September 19, 2012 # No Comment Yet

In Egypt, politics and plastic surgery don’t go hand in hand.  One lawmaker found it the hard way when he was forced to lie about his rhinoplasty, aka nose job, but was later found guilty by the court. Anwar al-Bilkimy, who was a member of the ultra conservative Islamist al-Nour party, has been recently slapped with a three-month suspended prison sentence for “filing a false complain, obstruction of justice, and forgery.” According to previous reports, in February the lawmaker pretended that he had been car-jacked, robbed, and attacked by a gang of unidentified men so he could hide the fact he had plastic surgery and required bandages around his face.  At […]

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Liposuction Fats to Power Your Car

Cosmetic Surgery Blogger @ July 26, 2012 # No Comment Yet

Sustainable sources of energy are making raves these days.  From hydroelectric cars to solar-powered buildings and houses, it seems that scientists and inventors have a plethora of ideas when it comes to cost-efficient supply of electricity. But it seems like a California plastic surgeon has gone to far in terms of finding a sustainable source of energy.  Dr. Alan Bittner claimed that the fatty tissues he collected from liposuction, a cosmetic surgery that removes the unwanted body fats, was used to power his car. While the doctor’s idea may sound good particularly to environmentalists, the California’s state medical authorities were not happy with doctor’s discovery.  In fact, they conducted an […]

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