Lara Flynn Boyle Rumored to Have Plastic Surgery

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Tabloid writers and showbiz bloggers are all saying that Lara Flynn Boyle, who starred in Men in Black 2 and Wayne’s World,” had received facelift surgery and dermal fillers that resulted in a pillow-face appearance.


Last week, the 43-year-old actress was photographed shopping with her mother in Los Angeles.  The pictures showed her face, lips, and neck “unusually” swollen, which some people claimed to be the works of excessive injection of dermal fillers.

Celebrity news website TMZ has reported it contacted Boyle’s friends to confirm the “alleged” plastic surgery but they all said the actress “looked fantastic” and did not divulge more information about her.

Rumors about Boyle’s alleged plastic surgery have been circulating the Internet over the past several years due to her seemingly changing appearance.  But despite the allegations, the actress has never publicly denied or admitted any surgical enhancement.

Meanwhile, over the past years Boyle has been touted as one of the worst celebrity plastic surgeries, getting the same public derision Melanie Griffith, Meg Ryan, and Madonna have been receiving.

Boyle seems have managed to remain “cool” and “mum” despite years of harsh criticisms that have started in the late 90s when bashers said she was too thin and “appeared to have starved herself” that she was a poor role model for young children.

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