Custom Chin Implant to Achieve Natural Results

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While custom chin implant generally costs more than the “pre-made” version, using it makes it easier to achieve natural and proportionate results. This is particularly true for patients with an extreme case of recessed chin or notable asymmetry.


Leading Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley has recently posted Snapchat videos demonstrating a female patient who required custom chin implant to address her receding chin, which contributed to her poor facial proportion.


Before-and-after photos of a patient with chin implant surgery


To achieve natural results from any facial implant, Dr. Smiley says the first step is to have a deep understanding of what constitute the ideal proportions and beauty paradigm, some of which transcend culture and ethnicity. For instance, he says that the ideal projection of the chin is “congruent with the anterior portion of the iris of the eye.”


Laser helps Dr. Smiley determines the ideal chin projection, which he says should be congruent with the anterior of the iris of the eye.

Other facial elements that are taken into account include the tip of the nose and the forehead projection. Together with the chin, they have a large influence on the perceived attractiveness of the facial profile and proportion.


The patient’s customized implant was made of firm silicone material (silastic), which has an impressive safety record. Unlike other chin implants that have microspores that allow tissue ingrowth, silicone implants are easier to remove in the event that the patient is not happy with the result.


Moreover, her implant has been designed to improve her chin profile or how much it projects from the lower jaw; it has no or very little effect on the vertical height of her chin.


During surgery, Dr. Smiley placed a small incision inside the patient’s mouth, a technique he says he prefers due to the “invisible scar.”


(The external incision technique is another option; it uses a small cut beneath the chin to position the implant right beneath the bone. In most cases, the scar fades into a barely visible mark, although the risk of visible scar cannot be completely eliminated.)


Dr. Smiley says the chin implant must be positioned precisely in the middle to achieve proportionate and natural-looking results. Hence, the implant always has a mark in the midline to guide doctors during the implantation process.


In the first few weeks of implantation, a thin scar tissue gradually encapsulates the prosthesis (this happens to any implanted device as the body attempts to contain any foreign material it detects), allowing it to stay in place.

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