Avoiding the Plastic Surgery Look with Proper Use of Dermal Fillers

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Showbiz bloggers have come up with the term pillow face to describe celebrities with too much dermal fillers, which of course leads to the unnatural appearance. However, volumizers such as Restylane and Sculptra are not supposed to result in “plastic surgery look” as long as they are used in the right location and correct amount.

Dr. Karan Dhir, a celebrity Beverly Hills plastic surgeon who specializes in facial rejuvenation procedures, explains the techniques on how to maximize the effects of dermal fillers without resulting in chipmunk cheeks or pillow face.


*  It is not just about filling the hollowed area. One of the most common mistakes of inexperienced doctors is to “fill lines” and inject large amounts of dermal fillers without even bothering to reshape the treated area. This over-aggressive approach results in duck lips, chipmunk cheeks, and overall swollen appearance.

Dr. Dhir highlights the importance of contouring the face in a way that it looks natural and rejuvenated. For instance, lip injection can provide good results if the surgeon maintains the “bow” appearance.

*  Take the conservative route. Instead of dumping large amounts of dermal fillers, it is not uncommon for prudent doctors to perform two or more treatments performed several weeks apart. The idea is to wait for the patients to get used to their appearance and assess if there is a need for additional injections.

By avoiding the overfilled appearance, prudent doctors are able to preserve the natural shape of the eyes, cheeks, lips, and mouth area.

*  Understand that each dermal filler may have different effects. Sculptra is ideal for correcting the hollowed temples, jaw line, and cheeks because of its smooth consistency, leading to a more natural look and feel. Radiesse, meanwhile, is believed to be more suitable for deep lines and smaller facial depression due to its thicker consistency.

*  Correct depth of injection. While the superficial placement of fillers can correct the gaunt appearance, doing so could weigh down the skin, leading to the saggy appearance. For this reason, some patients also need additional support to achieve good results from dermal fillers.

Deeper filler placement is usually important in cheek augmentation via dermal fillers because it is ideal to create some support and lifting effect. But for this to be possible, the volumizer should be stiff enough or has the right consistency.

Proper angle and depth of injection not only provides natural results, but also prevents lumpiness, migration, and other telltale signs of dermal fillers.

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