Overview of Dermal Fillers Cheek Enhancement

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Dermal fillers cheek enhancement is primarily used to achieve a more pleasant and youthful appearance. Hence, it requires precise injection and deep understanding of “universal” beauty and proportion to achieve results that look natural and pleasing, says leading Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley in his recent Snapchat videos.


To demonstrate the effects of dermal fillers cheek enhancement, he showed a young female patient who wanted slight elevation and fullness on her upper cheek. She also requested for a conservative lip augmentation (involving only the lower lip) and a minimal skin lift and tightening along her jawline to reduce some of its fullness.


Dr. Smiley uses laser light to perform facial analysis. The idea is to identify the level of symmetry between the two sides to achieve results that look proportionate and natural.

In the video, Dr. Smiley said that “symmetry is important in facial dermal fillers” and so he uses laser light to ensure that the volume, shape, and height on both sides of the face are almost the same.


“While no one has a 100 percent symmetry, we can at least improve the proportion with meticulous analysis of the face prior to injection,” he said.


Because the patient’s right cheek had a little bit of more height than the left side, Dr. Smiley adjusted the amount of dermal fillers.


Dr. Smiley also used a laser light to help him determine the best placement of dermal filler injection. The light drew an oblique line between the tragus (small bump in front of the ear) and the corner of the lips; anything below it was not injected to ensure a nice contouring.

This oblique line helps Dr. Smiley determine where dermal filler injection should go to achieve some lifting effect. The area below the laser light does not receive any filler; the idea is to create a nice contouring or a slight depression.



“This line and the area beneath it are excluded. We only focus on the upper aspect of the cheek to create this nice contouring and definition, or a slight depression,” he said.

And by focusing on the upper cheek, Dr. Smiley said dermal fillers cheek enhancement will also have some lifting effect, further contributing to the pleasant and youthful appearance of the face.


To further achieve a more pleasant facial contour, the patient received a new modality (non-surgical) to lift and tighten the skin with the use of focused ultrasound energy.


“The Ulthera device can lift and tighten the skin along her mandibular area (jawline) to reduce some of its fullness, he explained.

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