Amazing Facelift Results and the Correct Vector of Pull

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Amazing facelift results can be achieved when the surgeon uses the correct vector or direction of pull, according to leading Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley who specializes in facial rejuvenation procedures.


Previous facelift techniques were plagued by problems that typically included short-lived results, hollowness and/or elongated appearance of the lower eyelid, prominent eyelid-cheek junction, and flat cheeks.


amazing facelift results


Dr. Smiley regularly posts Snapchat videos to demonstrate the importance of the correct vector of pull to eliminate the aforementioned “stigmata,” and ultimately to deliver amazing facelift results that can persist for more than a decade.


*The correct vector of pull is somewhat oblique or 45 degrees angle,” he said in one of his Snapchat video posts.


Aside from eliminating the abovementioned surgical stigmata, Dr. Smiley said pulling the soft tissue of the face at a 45 degree angle accomplishes “wonderful effects” such as the preservation of the softness of the cheeks, smoother transition between the lower eyelid and cheek, more defined jaw line, and tight but not overly tight results overall.


Dr. Smiley has warned that pulling the facial soft tissue horizontally can lead to flat or overly tight cheeks, development of the prominent “eye socket,” skin pleating around the incision site (in front and/or behind the ear curvature), and bunching of the anterior neck.


Using a blunt vertical pull, meanwhile, also creates unnatural results due to the appearance of lateral skin pleating, bunching of the mid face, and residual laxity along the anterior neck.


To further achieve long-lasting, natural results, the leading facial plastic surgeon said facelift techniques that go beyond the skin are the best option. (It is important to note that previous methods only deal with sagging skin, which inevitably stretches out due to continuous aging.)


Dr. Smiley says that SMAS and deep plane facelifts provide the most amazing facelift results, particularly when combined with fat transfer or fat injection in which the goal is to address facial volume loss.


In SMAS facelift, the facial layer enveloping the muscle is lifted and tightened, while deep plane facelift goes deeper into this layer, he explained.


Despite some surgeons claiming that a specific technique is superior to others, studies have suggested that the results are dependent on the doctor’s skillset and his ability to decide which method will suit a patient based on “starting” anatomy.

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