Male Facelift Techniques Must Provide Natural Results

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Male facelift techniques are designed to provide natural-looking and gender-appropriate results. In no way they should lead to a wind-tunnel effect or any reminder of the surgery, says Dr. Tarick Smiley who has recently posted a Snapchat video showing one case study.


In the Snapchat video post, the leading Beverly Hills plastic surgeon was seen performing simultaneous neck lift, facelift, and eyelid lift in one male patient.


male facelift techniques

Dr. Smiley created an incision starting from the temple area concealed by the hairline, which was extended into the ear’s front (very close to it in order to hide the scar) and behind the earlobe before it reached the nape, still hidden by the patient’s natural hairline for optimal scar concealment.


To avoid the wind-tunnel effect in male facelift techniques, Dr. Smiley said the right amount and angle of pull was of critical importance. The skin adjacent to the temple and upper ear was gently pulled downward, while the skin near the neck area was tightened in a more upward manner, he explained during the surgery.


After pulling the skin in the ideal direction, Dr. Smiley then removed a small amount of loose skin mostly in front of the ear. The scar was positioned very close to the ear-face junction so there is no detectable reminder of plastic surgery.


He also removed the excess fat in the neck with tumescent liposuction, a technique known to minimize bleeding. Then, he carefully lifted off the skin to access the platysma muscle in the neck to tighten it in the midline, ultimately creating an improved angle between the chin and neck.


To avoid injuring or cutting the skin, Dr. Smiley said he used blunt scissors while separating this layer to the muscle. To further gauge the skin’s thickness, he lifted it at a certain angle so the surgical lamp could illuminate it properly.


In addition to neck lift and face lift, the patient also requested for upper and lower eyelid surgeries.


For upper eyelid lift, Dr. Smiley removed the excess skin and a small amount of muscle and fat using incisions placed inside the natural lid for optimal scar concealment.


And for lower eyelid lift, he removed the excess skin with the use of incisions adjacent to the lash line so the scar would blend well with the eyelashes. But instead of removing the excess fat entirely, he “rearranged” it to create a smoother lower lid-cheek junction.


He also performed fat transfer to the tear trough and nasolabial folds, or more commonly referred to as “laugh lines.”

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