Fat Transfer to the Face Case Study

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Fat transfer to the face can have a dramatic effect on its perceived attractiveness and youthfulness, provided that the “injector” has a good grasp of the well-established aesthetic guidelines, as suggested by leading Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Tarick Smiley.


Dr. Smiley has recently posted a series of Snapchat videos to demonstrate a young woman who received fat transfer to the face. While most patients ask for the procedure to reverse the effects of age-induced facial volume loss, her gaunt appearance is an inherited feature.


fat transfer to the face


These were her aesthetic issues:


  • Notable hollowness of her temple
  • Abrupt transition between the lower lid and upper cheek
  • Nasolabial folds, a.k.a., laugh lines


Prior to surgery, Dr. Smiley performed meticulous facial examination to determine the ideal fat volume injection and to assess how he could further highlight the patient’s nice features. After all, she has an angular but still feminine jaw line and a prominent cheekbone.


In one of the videos, Dr. Smiley said the goal is to create a more oval-shaped face, which is the quintessence of a youthful countenance. In many cultures, there is also a strong preference for this highly feminine facial contour (of course, it does not apply to men in which the ideal shape is more of a square due to the prominent jawline).


During surgery, Dr. Smiley injected fat, which he harvested from the patient’s tummy, into the hollowed temple. A small amount was also used to slightly elevate the tail end of the eyebrow, leading to a more feminine and attractive shape.


Next, he injected fat into the patient’s lid-cheek junction, ultimately eliminating the hollowness and “darkness” that made her look older than her chronological age.


The celebrity surgeon also injected fat to obscure the patient’s laugh lines, ensuring that each fat graft has been inoculated into several layers of the tissue, paving way for near permanent results. He said that about 70 percent of the fat volume is expected to survive long term, making fat transfer to the face more cost-effective than standard fillers (e.g., Restylane and Juvederm), which require several touch-ups every year.


Aside from improving the volume distribution of the face, and ultimately its perceived attractiveness, Dr. Smiley said the surgery can also rejuvenate the skin where the fat has been injected because fat graft is replete with stem cell known for its rejuvenating effects.

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