Overview of Pre-Jowl Chin Implant

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A pre-jowl chin implant extends more laterally to fill in the skin creases or conceal the “bulge” on each side of the chin caused by sagging tissues such as the skin and deeper structures. This is different from the standard chin implant whose primary purpose is to improve the convexity and profile (or forward projection) of the chin.


A face that is deemed youthful and attractive has a taut jawline, but with aging (or massive weight loss) it develops dips and bulges on each side of the chin; these are referred to as pre-jowl sulcus.


Unlike the jowl that extends far more laterally and so facelift might become warranted, the pre-jowl sulcus can be concealed with a special type of chin implant, as suggested by leading Los Angeles plastic surgery expert Dr. Tarick Smiley.



Placement of pre-jowl implant to conceal the bulge or dip on each side of the chin.  Notice that it extends more laterally compared to “ordinary” chin implants. (Photo Credit: Implantech website)

Pre-jowl chin implants are typically designed having a relatively thin anterior portion while the lateral sides are thicker so only the pre-jowl sulcus is augmented. However, some newer designers provide additional volume to the chin and the pre-jowl area as well.


To determine the most ideal pre-jowl chin implant design, Dr. Smiley highlights the importance of a candid discussion between a surgeon and his patient to outline the latter’s specific goals. Of course, a physical exam will further help the surgeon identify the most cost-effective approach.


Instead of using pre-jowl chin implant, patients with smaller “bulges” on each side of their chin may opt for dermal fillers such as Radiesse. By adding volume along the depressions, the dip is concealed and there is now a smoother transition between the chin and the adjacent area.


But for a full-blown jowl—i.e., the entire jawline is affected by the loose skin and deeper structures—facelift is generally the best approach. This surgery can create a tauter jawline by pulling its skin at a 45 degree angle, which is the correct vector of pull as it can also tighten the neck skin and reposition the sagging mid face.

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